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Stay tuned. There will be something soon :)

Hahahahaha     that was 45 days ago   and still nothing       GIVE AN ACTUAL DATE RATHER THAN SOON   (Its Nonsense)

No Update  Lost All Interest Now  just feel it will never happen    (november 2017 was the last update i remember and the last time i played)

I have just added 3 more levels to my game space maze one invisible wall level and a pacman type level also added a lot of sound effects

Space Maze is a game where you have to find your way through a mase by rotating the maze as you move by gravity.

Instructions are all within the game . Please try it and let me know what you think as if i get enough interest in it i will add a lot more levels and different objectives.

I have build everything and my map is 100% automated   everything working very well every one happy and fed on auto all tools being replaced when broken auto  and no real bugs for me    my only sugestion so far is to make them stop mining and cutting trees when there is a  self set amount in storage as  they stack up so high its abnormal   and i must have 2000 logs laying about  (such a good and clever game tho)

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removing the pickup axe bit from the repeat did work  thank you it was doing my head in :)  But the save and reload did not but thank you anyway.

Can anyone help or is this a bug

this as far as i can see shoul work

the bot will cut the trees until axe breaks then will go to the axe storage as it should

it will pick the axe up but just stay there, it will not return top begining   (am i missing somthing)

Hello I just wanted to say this game is better than most early access pay for the nose to play games so credit where credit is due 

also the game is simple if you read the front end walkthrough and look at the youtube vid

I will look at that and change it Thank you

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this is a 3 level demo snake variant 

Please try it give opinions (Good or Bad)


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This is an idle clicker about making money. No one should need instruction in this game as although there are quite a few upgrades and theres a spendable xp system, I think the fun is in working it out.

Make It Big Time

Its Complete

Its Free

Please Try it

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Please check it out and give feedback thank you


Is there a way to sell harvesters  ,  If not will there be