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Can anyone help or is this a bug

this as far as i can see shoul work

the bot will cut the trees until axe breaks then will go to the axe storage as it should

it will pick the axe up but just stay there, it will not return top begining   (am i missing somthing)


Im not sure why it isn't working because it really should be. But you can just take the go to storage and pick up axe commands out of a repeat because its in a forever loop and the bots can only use one at a time. That should work no matter what cause it'll just pick up one axe.


Save and close the game. Start and Load that usually fixes it.

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removing the pickup axe bit from the repeat did work  thank you it was doing my head in :)  But the save and reload did not but thank you anyway.

I did Forever[RepeatUntilHandsEmpty(Find nearest PineTree,Move to Pine Tree,Use held item)Move to General Storage,Take from General Storage] and it worked for me.