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I believe that you have to either take the folder off of private or give people access to the folder after they request access. It says I need permission to access the file.

Thank You! I love your work in this game. It's coming along great!

Is there a way to play the older game versions. I reallywant to go back through every version and play the whole game in every version just to see how much the game has changed through the time.

either click on the bot and your character will do it, or have a bot recharge them by teachign them to recharge bots the same way you do.

I wouldn't recommend having one bot do plantign and shoveling. As you noticed it bugs out (a lot) and its super ineffiecent. You lose a lot of through put doing it that way. I recommend having one bot chopping trees, one bot shoveling holes, one bot picking up acorns and putting them in seedling tray, one bot taking seedlings out of tray ind putting into hole, one bot to pick up logs and store them, and one bot to auto recharge the others. Thats a fairly effeicent farm to get going then you can add bots where needed to increase production.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic FUN FACT

If you hit the "C" Key on your keyboard, your camera locks onto your character. Hit it by accident and spent the next minutes hitting every button on my keyboard from top to bottom until I figured it out. lol Rip 

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These five fences to the left of me are nearly unbuidable if the flooring im standing on is a blueprint. If you remove some of the blue prints of the fences you can end up building some of them, but not all of them in the end. I found that the only way I can build the last fence (or any of them if I don't mess with it) is if I either delete the blue print of the flooring im on or build the flooring. By far one of the most peculier bugs I've found. (EDIT): I think I might have figured it out. When the player stands on a blueprint of the flooring, he usually refuses to build anything. He almost always tries to pathfind off of the blueprint of the flooring in order to place items into another blueprint adjacent to the flooring.. 
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Idk if other people are experiencing this issue but sometimes when the bots are doing things (picking things up, chopping trees, digging holes, planting trees, etc), they walk a really long distance to get to their next job even though there are closer jobs for them to do. This doesn't happen all the time and they tend to ignore things right next to them I noticed. Makes things really ineffiecent imo.

Possible bug: When you hover your mouse over tiles with name plates and blueprints/buildings with nameplate things, then you move your cursor over the name plate. you sometimes can't move your camera around. Its not very consistent to put your cursor over the nameplate though.

One feature I would love to see and I think many others would love to see would be if the game could load up your last saved game automatically on startup. Its not something too important but its a little convienence thing that I think a lot of people would love if its not too difficult to get working.

Idk if this is a bug or if its intended, but I noticed that the crude shovel for example can dig 20 blocks of clay or tree soil but it seems to be able to dig infinite bushes and mushrooms. Like I said, Idk if this is on purpose or not but I figured I should bring it up.

Version 4 Bug: If you use the dragging feature when building things like fencing, you can still build blueprints in the deep water that you can't walk in.

Idk, I've never been able to delete metal workstation. 

Im not sure why it isn't working because it really should be. But you can just take the go to storage and pick up axe commands out of a repeat because its in a forever loop and the bots can only use one at a time. That should work no matter what cause it'll just pick up one axe.

that depends on what bushed you mean, if its the ones that the cows eat then yeah I agree those need to be moveable or something. But there are the other type or bush things that can be removed with a shovel as can the mushrooms.

You have to drag the repeat out into the table then put actions into the repeat. You dont just click it anymore

I never thought of that lol

I don't know if its possible to set it up that way  easily wihtout setting the exact number of trees that the bot has to cut before picking up a new axe. Which that would take a lot of work. But it is the only way of doing that right now that I know of.  

Bug: The general storage does not have a cap on the amount of items that can be put in them. it says out of 1000 but it still accepts items beyond the cap.

Bug: When certain items are put into the general storage (Like a wooden shovel), it does not show the amount stored. It just stops after the equal sign.

Bug? or Feature?: If you have multiple general storages they share an increased cap and share items. Is the cloud storage a feature? An example of this is if you make one general storage on one side of the map then another on the other side of the map and put on log into both of them. They both show 2/2000 logs. 

Bug: Max move distance. Idk if its intentional or not, but the character has a maximum range of movement and will not path any farther outside of that limit. I didn't test to see what the limit is but its really annoying when trying to move back and forth across different portions of my base. 

I been playing this game quite a lot and I love the idea of it. Hopefully it gets better and bigger!

Bug: You can't delete metal workstations. It just tries to delete the floor under it.

The repeat loops and forever loops do work properly because I have been using them perfectly fine. Make sure things are inside the loops not under them. That might help.

its not unplayable, make an axe by getting a stick and a stone then left click on the log to make 2 planks. Very inefficient but is required to start. And removing buildings and blueprints works perfectly fine for me.

worker bots can recharge other worker bots, you just have to actually do the action in order to teach them to do that

I am very new to and I found this game almost immediatly and I love it. I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the hoe and the fertilizer. Any tips?