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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki


A topic by Stephano created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 590 Replies: 12
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1.A proper tutorial is needed!  It took me about an hour or so before I could figure out how most of the game works

2.I can't seem to get my autonauts to auto plant cereal

3.Not all of the island is accesable

4.I cannot delete my buildings or blueprints

5.Scripts are not always clear for the autonauts

6.Very good progression and cool concept

7.Lovely artstlyle

8.Pretty good sounds

9.Inventory is very annoying! (No auto-transfer, log gets stuck on the screen sometimes, anoying sounds)

10.Controlls are not clear in-game

11.No settings to ajust sounds!

Quite the gem!  I hope to see more updates and improvements in the future!


Some great feedback here. Most of your problems are just because we're so early on in development and not had a chance to do these things yet.

1. This might not explain things very well but have you looked at the ~1hr video at the top of the page? It goes through the entire game but doesn't explain button presses. There's also the Handy Quickstart Guide in the description. However, yes, we do plan on putting in a proper tutorial and we'll be rolling out more how-to videos as we go. There's a lot to do!

2. There could be a couple of reasons why this won't work. First cereal can only be planted in soil without weeds. Second they'll only plant into tiles that are the same as what you taught them. So for instance if you teach them to plant into Tilled Soil but there's only Soil left they will wait until you till the soil.

3. We're working on that :)

4. When you're in Edit Mode press the DEL key to go into Delete mode.

5. We're working on that. In fact the first big change for scripts will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

9. The next version will address some of this. 

10. This is on our to-do list.

11. This is on our to-do list.



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New bug: I tried to place down a buzz saw vertically, but it would instead build it horizontally but it would also be already built.  After I would place down the bugged horizontal buzzsaw I could then place down buzz saws normally, but only if I had put down the bugged one.  And even If I delete the bugged one, it still requires me to put it down before I can make buzzsaws normally.  It also still happens after I restart the game.

Also, general storages can have more than 100 items.  I have about 1047 axes in my 1000 sorage general storage


Great finds thanks. Added to the bug list


What you gonna do with all those axes btw? :)

IDK just automated them and they started to pile up!

what ever you do, don't do what I said to do. it will glitch and mess up

what do you mean?

bots will fill there inv with axes causing it to glich out sometimes, if this happens, DESTROY THE AXE OR GET RID OF IT

Hasn't glitched for me in any way so far!  What kind of glitch is it?

How to grow cereal crop?

Hello I just wanted to say this game is better than most early access pay for the nose to play games so credit where credit is due 

also the game is simple if you read the front end walkthrough and look at the youtube vid