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Thank you so much for playing and for the great feedback.

Thank you so much for playing.

Great atmosphere and a fun game to play. I liked the music.

This was awesome. The animation and art were very good. Equal parts cute and disturbing. It was fun trying to set off the traps to get the cheese. Great Job!

I love the mechanic and the art. It was fun using the light to bounce around. Great job!

This was fun and I liked the puzzles. It also looks really nice. I had some trouble turning left and right. There seems to be a certain spot where you can turn past. But it still worked ok. Great Job!

Great! I liked the variety in game play. Each part was different and added to the story.  My favorite part was the dinosaur in childhood. The movement was perfect because I could imagine it being a toy I would play with as a child bouncing it around like that. I did have a problem with the window size and it would be great if there was a full screen option. The cat was also way too loud and it scared the turtles out of me lol. But it was fun. Great Job!

I had a good time with your game. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be when it started. I would have liked the difficulty to ramp a little faster and maybe a bit of variability in each enemies speed. The upgrade system was cool and I liked making that decision between each level. Great Job!

This was pretty fun. I liked having to look up the answers and solve a little bit of a puzzle. I would have liked some keyboard controls but it wasn't too bad with the mouse. Great Job!

I loved it! The sound and art/animation are great. I really like the very simple style. Pixel Pixie is super cute! The controls are snappy and feel good. It is very well made. I could have played this all night if there were more levels.

Great Job!

I spent most of my time running into the other blocks and trying to get under them and see where I could get myself. I played this longer than I thought I would just trying to squeeze or bounce myself into places. Great Job!

I can't open the file and I don't know the .mfw file format.

Please export the game to make a playable file.

(It can be played but you need import into the Godot editor.)

But I love Godot and it's great to see developers using it.

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You got my imagination running. I like writing stories so I was thinking about how I would continue each line perhaps in different directions from the original works. Great Job!

This is a good go at it. I liked all the different exclamations from the ghost friend. I'm a bit of a slow reader sometimes so I missed the end of some of the prompts. I would like to have a bit more control over how long they are up there. but it still worked well.

Great job!

I really like the concept. Getting the villagers across with a bit of tower defense. I think with some good visuals and all the kinks worked out this would be fun. Great job!

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I liked the concept and the art. It would be great if you developed this out a bit further.  I would really like to drive around in this bright world and get the person to the right place keeping them happy.  

I saw Zoey!

Great visuals. I like pixel art and the colors were bright and vibrant. It took me a second to figure out what was going on or what I was doing. Once I got into it, it was fun sailing around catching all the fishies.

I think I ran out of fishies to catch with quite a bit of time remaining so it would be great if there were more spawned. But it was a good time.

Great job!

Your game stressed me out in the best possible way. Running around trying to get the contraband in the boxes and keeping the extra one away was great. 

I think there could have been more of an indication on which storage the cop was going to and maybe a visual cue on how long he searches until he finds the contraband in the storage. But everything worked well.

Great Job!

This was fun. I like the color change mechanic and the art style.  It definitely had a level of difficulty that would keep me coming back to play it because I was always pushed to finish the level.

I had some difficulty jumping if I was too close to ledges and it seemed the collision in those areas may have been just a little off.  Other than that everything worked well.

The first level was very well made to introduce the concepts to the player. I was jumping around testing the controls when I heard the warning beep and say the pulsing meter. I immediately knew that I needed to do something. As the only other thing on the screen was the page it was really easy to see what I was supposed to do. It felt good.

Great job!

This was a great experience. I really liked how the sound created an atmosphere and kind of set a tone. It was also great in very subtly giving definition to the setting.

The story itself was very interesting because it put the responsibility of image on the player. This is something we don't see too much in games these days. Great Job!

My only criticism is I would have liked to see more, but for the game jam it was excellent.