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Thank you so much for playing(:3

A very good use of the theme and some interesting puzzles. Great job!

Hey thank you so much! Yeah, I'm planning to go back really soon to implement a few things including check points. I'm glad you liked it!

A very good use of the theme. I like the rts/tower defense idea on a sphere. It was very difficult to defend with the setup but a very good proof of concept. Great job!

This is a pretty good little racer. Rotating around the center is a really good use of the theme too. I felt like I wanted a bit more control as I was playing though (acceleration, boost, more steering, etc) but still very good gameplay. Great job!

It is a very good looking game and an interesting use of the theme. It was very difficult to see if I was going to change cup or deposit the ingredient. Maybe make those different buttons or have some sort of visual indication? But still a fun play. Good job!

A very nice game. It was a great use of the theme and I liked the unique spin on an asteroids type shooter. Great job!

A pretty good little game. I think it would be good to have some way to see where the planes are going to go. IT was pretty hard to get started. I didn't really get how it was related to rotation . But still a pretty good game. Good job.

This was a pretty fun game a unique spin on the match puzzle genre. Very good use of the theme. Great job!

Absolutely gorgeous game. The visuals are very good, the controls are pleasant, and it's a very good use of the theme. Great job! 


Hey thanks for playing! Yeah I need to polish the movement and jumps a bit.

Hey thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed(:3

Nice! I'm glad!

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Hey thanks for playing! I ran into the stuttering issue a couple of times if I had a controller connected and tried to play on keyboard or if I had multiple controllers connected. I'm going to get a little deeper into the controls to work out the kinks a little later. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice idea for a game. I think with some polish and some difficulty ramping this would be quite fun. Great job!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it(:3

Hey thank you so much! I'm not sure about the camera speed but I'll play around with the settings.

A fun little puzzle game. You have used the theme well and the game plays nice. Great job!

Hey thank you for playing and for the tips!

Thank you for playing and for the advice!

Hey thanks for playing! I'll check that out. There are a few things I want to tighten up and the controls are definitely one of them. Thanks again!

This is an excellent seek and find! I had a lot of fun spinning around and trying to find things. I only got through the first house but I may come back to it later. Great job!

This is a pretty good game. It is a bit difficult but I would like to see more levels. I like the style and it's really fun to think about a robot trying to take over the world in a zombie apocalypse. Great job!

I think this  would have been a really good game but the mouse was inverted so it was way to difficult to control. An easy fix I think. But a good concept and it looks really good. Nice!

Quite a fun and great looking game! I really liked the music and the use of the assets. It looks fantastic. I found it easier to not rotate the level and I think this took away from the use of the theme. But I think it is a really good idea. Great job!

That is very clever! Rotating the enemies is a great spin on this style of game and it plays quite well. Great job!

A very fun and interesting game. I really liked trying to bounce the ball (or whatever it happen to pop in with) to the star. The one think I will say is the visuals hurt the eyes. Too much flashing. Otherwise, it was quite good. Great job!

Very relaxing and tranquil game. Nice use of the theme. It was difficult spotting and remembering the differences but not so much that it was overly taxing. Overall, very good game!

This was an interesting idea and a good use of the theme. It looks super cute too. Good job!

This game is absolutely genius! Shooting the rope and spooling yourself up is excellent game play. I would love to see you iterate on this and add some more levels. Great job!

This was a pretty good little platformer. There were a few time where I got stuck in a wall or fell off the level but I would just be stuck there. But the concept is really good and changing the direction of the level felt pretty good. Great job!

Nice little game. Matching the color of the blaster to the enemy is and interesting idea. And a great use of the theme. Great job!

Hey thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it (:3

Really like the idea of being a tornado sucking things up. It was fun to play! I would have liked more time or maybe increasing speed as you grown. But overall really good!

Very good game! I think this gameplay could be quite addictive and with a bit of iteration and more levels it would be great. Nice!

Very interesting gameplay idea. I liked capturing the asteroids to defend. It was a pretty good use of the theme. Good job!

A pretty good little puzzle game that uses the theme pretty well. Good job!

Good use of the theme. I liked the idea of juicing a watermellon. Good job!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing! I would like to iterate on this in the future and adjust the ramp-up of the difficulty.