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It's a little bit hard to play through it.  Getting hit by thieves multiple times in a row in the early game seems to really make it feel a bit unfair.  Perhaps provide some way to defend against thieves, or some mini game to handle them?  Overall a good game, with a strong core and a good foundation.  Just overly RNG dependent in my opinion.  Great to see you making more games though yet :)   Looking forward to seeing future updates of this game (I know some games can start out really rough at first, but if the concept is strong and you keep improving it you can make something awesome... I hope, lol.  Our game still isn't polished up yet either). In any case, it is a fun game.  I can't wait to see where you take it.  Hopefully we will have a newer build of ours too.  

-Keep making games,


Thanks for the feedback.  We have been tweaking the enemy AI since our submission to actually improve its pathing and chasing down the player.  We also plan to work on adding doors which the enemy can't phase through.  We definitely plan to add a replay & quit button in a later build as well.  Unfortunately most of our time spent with the GUI was simply creating the dialogue system and throwing the game over screen in last minute.  We will definitely be tweaking that.  

Yes, but the level of theme integration will factor into to the judging.  If you just mention the character's name is related to the theme once and it could just as easily be any other name, then the theme category might be weighted lower, however, if you make character's name important and relevant to your game somehow, and you mention the characters name a lot you might do better in the theme category criteria.  Ultimately it is up to how well you can integrate the theme into the game, and abstract relationships are fine, but the more integrated the theme is the more you are likely to score well in that criteria.  Sorry for the late reply, and I hope that helps you.  :)

We apologize for the delay.  We believe you may live on the west coast?  The time given is 7:00 PM CST.  If you are on the west coast, then the game jam should begin at 5:00pm in your local time.  The additional 30 minutes is for final submissions after the 48 hours so that you don't have an issue right at the deadline as you try to submit it, and we would like you to try to get your submission in within the 48 hours, but if you do have issues or really need to fix something last minute, that's what those 30-minutes are for.

Major bonus points for the opening with the black box. That was very unique and we loved it. The game could use a little more elbow grease to be a great game, so keep at it. We want very much to see where this one goes.

There were a few improvements that could be made to this one, but we did have fun playing it. Implement multiplayer to the game, and that score would go way up. Awesome art.

We liked the thought that went into this game. A few of the mechanics could use a little tweaking, but given that this was the first game we were actually able to beat, we have to give bonus points. Nice work.

This was a really impressive entry to this year's Game Jam. The original music was very nice, and added in with the bloom/glow effect on the characters gave the whole thing a very unique, surreal feeling.

This was a pretty fun game to play. Bonus points for voice acting and for a built in power up system. A checkpoint system would have been nice, but all in all, it was a fun game.

The game was a little hard to get a grasp on what was happening, and the colors could be brought out a little more, but this was still a fun and entertaining game. Our tester liked it, and we all want to see you keep making and submitting things in the future!

For a first time game, it was very impressive, especially when we discovered the pause mechanics! A score system would make this game complete.

It is clear you guys had fun with this one. So did we! Perhaps not the most fitting to the theme, but definitely livened up our night! Cool competitive mechanic! No bugs, and because it is Unity, we could remap to a keyboard! Love the 3D too! It just sells it!

Sorry. We saw your bugs. But the artwork is incredible. Solid submission overall. Awesome jumpscare into the action.

Really fun action game. Has good replay value, especially with saving high score. Fairly balanced game. Maybe consider a wider game world? Lot's of potential for expansion!

Bug encountered: Some screen before title screen popped up too quick.

Amazing first game! Would have loved to see funny dialogue. Cool concept that could take off with some added replay value. Fun scramble and the music effect was spot on!

Bugs encountered: Some game over images were cut off. True ending displayed game over message as well.

That's awesome! We'll have to try it out and see what it looks like when all the color returns. Unfortunately we've all been on the recovery after the event, so we're a little slow to do full playthroughs. It's also awesome that our stream was helpful considering when we tried to do the stream last year it completely failed. 

These game jams are definitely putting you on an accelerated path in game development! The scope you achieved was really impressive, especially since you are still new to this!

We'll be doing another one of these game jams next summer. Hopefully you'll join us again!

Best regards

You can also watch our stream review of the submissions.

Be super creative with the definition of "Combat".

It could refer to wars or battles.

It could also refer to a competition, "The combatants are all set!"

It could even be used as an adjective to represent a kind of item.