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I'm Ready to Go!

A topic by created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 201 Replies: 5
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It took me 45 minutes to figure something out and I had to consult with multiple friends regarding the definition of "combat", but I now know what I'm going to make. This is going to be fun. Good luck everyone! ...And this is my first game jam...hopefully the first of many.


Same for me. Even I have a doubt about the definition of combat. It is a game involving some kind of fighting-war,hand to hand,etc, right?


Be super creative with the definition of "Combat".

It could refer to wars or battles.

It could also refer to a competition, "The combatants are all set!"

It could even be used as an adjective to represent a kind of item.


OK, 12 hours in and I have basic gameplay working. Now I just need to strike a balance between adding content and polish while keeping the project in a state where it can be built at any time over the next 36 hours - this is fun!

Currently adding tasks to my Trello board about twice as fast as I remove them when they're done ...

I dont know if I will have time, but I can help with sfx and music,  if anyone wants to team up send me a message via twitter @SVR_Audio


Oh dear ... it seems that everything looked, sounded and worked better 9 hours ago ... tomorrow is really going to be the day of hard decisions. Hope the rest of you are having fun too! :-D