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I loved watching the playthrough of my game and learned a lot from this

A topic by AnonymousIndie created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 103 Replies: 1
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Unfortunately I wasn't there for the live stream (didn't even realize it was going on) but I just now watched the playthrough of Color Chaos. As someone who's just starting out in game development and design, the generous ratings you gave were extremely motivating for me. Thanks so much! It's a shame though, the majority of the issues you mentioned had been fixed in a patch the same night that you streamed the game haha (checkpoints!). Oh well. Also, yeah, the crystal at the end restores color. I was kind of incorporating the "Colorful Combat" theme through the use of color-based crystals as power-ups for combat, as well as the restoration of color at the end.

Anyway, I  was really entertained watching you play the game and figure things out. As a game designer, it's the coolest thing to have a plan for your game, see that plan come to life, and then see others interpret it, process it, and experience it. It was awesome to go from planning a puzzle, a level, or a line of dialogue and wondering how a player might react to it, to actually seeing that reaction from someone who doesn't know me or my games or my style or anything like that. It also helps me as a game developer and designer so that I can kind of see how players are playing my game and if it's playing out like I wanted it to and invoking the kinds of reactions that I wanted it to (IE: When designing a puzzle, I might have one plan for the player to solve it, but when someone actually plays it, they might interpret it differently and do something completely different and unexpected), so that I can learn from it and learn how to improve the actual design portion of my games and interact with the players more effectively. I think that the unbiased advice and ratings you gave were extremely constructive and helpful to me as a new developer/designer and they're definitely something I can learn from in the future.

This was my third game jam and I just started studying game development/design less than a year ago, so this was an awesome learning experience. I hope you do more of these in the future! Thanks so much for this jam and the playthrough of my game! It's been great.


That's awesome! We'll have to try it out and see what it looks like when all the color returns. Unfortunately we've all been on the recovery after the event, so we're a little slow to do full playthroughs. It's also awesome that our stream was helpful considering when we tried to do the stream last year it completely failed. 

These game jams are definitely putting you on an accelerated path in game development! The scope you achieved was really impressive, especially since you are still new to this!

We'll be doing another one of these game jams next summer. Hopefully you'll join us again!

Best regards