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Great game! I never would've thought of these concepts, they were really creative! I agree with the others that there should be checkpoints and maybe the player should move a little slower for better control. I'd also add that you should explain what each hand means - I know what a royal flush, but plenty of others might not!

Overall, loved the game - very polished, nice mechanics, and felt very fair because of how the enemies telegraph their moves.

Nice game! I loved the concept, and it was longer than I expected for a jam game. My main suggestions would be to add some form of sound effects to let you know when something hit, and to make it so that you restart on the current level, instead of restarting the whole game. Overall though, great game!

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Agh, the rooms' states resetting and recharging the amulet was a bug I thought I'd patched out - sorry it confused you and hurt the experience. Generally, the rewind mechanic is only meant to be used in rooms with the bell.

The game does have a branching story - there are technically up to five endings, though four of them are bad endings. As for how to get past the conversation with the manager that usually ends the game:


You end up having to lie and say that it was one of the patrons who told you about the vault. From there, it's just a matter of who you choose to accuse. Use your judgement, and [EXTRA BIG SPOILER] don't accuse the manager; he runs the place, and can get you arrested easily. 


Thanks for playing the game and for your feedback!

I love the concept and wish I could've played more! I agree with the others below, some of it definitely could've been more difficult or engaging, but it was actually pretty relaxing. The music and sound effects were great too!

The story was pretty interesting, and I wish I could've seen more of it! I agree with the other people that there should absolutely be more levels, and I'd also suggest having some more animations and making the combat a bit more engaging (perhaps by including a small random factor in the enemy AI).

Thanks for the feedback! Honestly, a lot of these things should've been obvious when I was developing - tunnel vision, I suppose!

I totally agree on your last point - the player should've had more options for what to say to him instead of just starting off with something that incriminating, and it should've been clearer from the beginning that if you say you checked out the vault, you have to lie about who let you in.

Honestly, now that I think of it, the fact that I developed a method for spamming the movement keys so I could move faster during testing probably should've been a warning sign. Oh well.

Overall, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback!

That should be fixed now - my bad!

Loved it! The idea of having the enemies chasing the player directly definitely made it a lot more active than other tower-defense games I've played. My only criticism is that it's fairly easy to cheese the earlier waves just by leading them through well-timed bombs. I'd also like it if doing damage or being hurt were telegraphed more - the sort of "oof" sound effect and the clicks made sense, but it would've been a lot nicer if maybe there was a bit of flashing or screen shake when the player was hit.

This was a pretty good game! Honestly, the only problems I could see was that the egg went slower than I'd like a lot of the time (although I know how that is with physics and such) and that it sometimes took way too long to stop, which kind of took me out of it. Overall though, I'd love to see a longer version of this!

The fact that this was legitimately fun and engaging is a sin

1. Dude, this game looks amazing.

2. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of it - I'd love to play it with some music, sound effects, some more waves/towers, and some better controls. This game has so much potential!

Interesting game! Somewhat odd to play, but overall fairly engaging. My main suggestions for polish would be to make it clearer from the beginning what exactly is going on in the story, add some sound effects (the music was awesome btw), and fix the sprite scaling (I don't know how to do so in Godot, but see if you can set it to point filtering instead of bilinear).

This has a lot of potential (I particularly like the story idea of being held hostage by a bunch of aliens and having to complete tests for their entertainment), but ultimately the controls are holding it back. It feels like I'm slipping and sliding on ice constantly, which makes the game much more difficult (although it was also strangely fun). I would recommend much more drag on the player when they're moving and allowing them to move side-to-side while in the air to make the controls feel much more tight.

tl;dr: Could be a great game, but the slippery controls are holding it back.

I didn't expect it to be difficult like it was! This was a good game, my only recommendations would be to make it a bit clearer from the beginning what exactly is going on with everything and better telegraph what to pick up, what causes damage, etc. Great game!