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Great game! I never would've thought of these concepts, they were really creative! I agree with the others that there should be checkpoints and maybe the player should move a little slower for better control. I'd also add that you should explain what each hand means - I know what a royal flush, but plenty of others might not!

Overall, loved the game - very polished, nice mechanics, and felt very fair because of how the enemies telegraph their moves.

Yes, this game presupposes you know poker hands and chess moves. I was never very happy with that as a prerequisite, but I wasn't sure how to add an explainer that wasn't just a boring text box.

As for the speed issue that everyone else also mentioned: This is the biggest weakness of game-jams: no time to play-test. I tuned the speed to what I was comfortable with, but that's stupid. I'm the dev and I know the game too well. It should be tuned a lot slower. Thanks for pointing this out!