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Thank you!

Thank you!

Holy cow! I'm pretty sure that's higher than my high score!

Yes, this game presupposes you know poker hands and chess moves. I was never very happy with that as a prerequisite, but I wasn't sure how to add an explainer that wasn't just a boring text box.

As for the speed issue that everyone else also mentioned: This is the biggest weakness of game-jams: no time to play-test. I tuned the speed to what I was comfortable with, but that's stupid. I'm the dev and I know the game too well. It should be tuned a lot slower. Thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks! I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the feel of the chess pieces the way I wanted. I'm really happy you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! I had plans for health packs that you could buy in the store, but some stupid design decisions I made early on made it difficult to implement within the time limit.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I think the poker hand mechanic could have been explained better in the tutorial.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I really wanted to juice it some more but I ran out of time.

Thanks for playing!


I had some real issues with the physics engine. I'm not super surprised that you got stuck in a wall. Sorry for that.

In my mind, the difficulty of avoiding cards is a bug, not a feature. I like the idea of something that is very good or very bad depending on context (i.e., if you have a good hand, all the cards become essentially landmines). However, based on your comment, and some of the others, I may be alone in that assessment. 

And thank you for your enthusiasm! I'm really proud of the (somewhat secret) ending. I'm really happy you like it too.

Oh man! I'm sorry!

What browser are you using? I'll see what I can do.

Oh! That's terrible! I think the solution would be to have you respawn at your best checkpoint instead of your last checkpoint.

Thanks for the feedback, and thank for playing!

Thank you! I'm always trying to learn from my mistakes, can you tell me what parts felt unfair? Personally, I was never happy with the moving enemy on the top of the roof, but I'm interested to hear if there were other parts you didn't like.

The walk cycle had me laughing from the first second! It's great!

I'm a little unclear about game-play. A few times, I'd click to shoot, but there was no shot. Does this mean my gun is jammed or I just missed?

I really like the idea of environmental clues telling you where the enemies are. Lots of fun!

This is pretty cool! It has a lot in common with a game I made a few weeks ago ( but I think yours was more fun!

This is pretty cool! It has a lot in common with a game I made a few weeks ago ( but I think yours was more fun!


This is a lot of fun, and I really love how much character it has. The characters all feel like real people (which really made me feel terrible about shooting them).

I had some issues with the hit detection on the curse die. I'd click it, but it wouldn't roll.

Thanks! And yeah, I had big plans to do battle with a D20 final boss at the end of the game. Alas, the time limit is a real killer.

I appreciate your comment more than I can express. It's a heck of a lot longer than your average game-jam comment and it really makes me feel good to know someone cared enough about my silly little game to write so much.

Thank you!

Wow! Thanks for the feeback.

You are 100% right about the lack of sound effects. At the last minute I added some "bleeps" and "bloops" but at the laster minute I took them out because they were to goofy and ruined the "feel." If I knew more about sound design I could have made some better sounds, but the ones  I made just weren't good enough.

Thank you very much for you kind words. "immersive" was exactly what I was going for!

Holy cow! This is incredibly well polished for a jam game. Excellent work!

This looked really cool. It was super easy to buy in to the fiction.

Some room for polish:

  • When flying high, the ship bumps the ceiling in a weird way. It doesn't feel great. I don't know much about Unity, but I'm wondering, can you change the hit-detection of the ceiling to make it smoother?
  • I really wish the shape-windows were transparent. Maybe this is how you intended it, but flying into a black texture made it really difficult to re-orient myself on the other side.
  • I really, really love the shape shift animation. It's simple but believable. I think if you sped it up (give it more of a "snap") it might look a little better.

Great game!

This is a fun little game. I saw you say elsewhere that you want to polish it up and release it. With that in mind, I have some feedback:

  • The shapes come at you at different angles, and you snap to their angle. It might look nicer if you tween the rotation
  • Sound effects, of course, would be nice
  • I felt like I was trying to constantly remember which shape was next. Maybe with more time that'd come more naturally to me, or maybe you want to add to the UI that'd tell me what's next (like a mini me inside of me, but with my next shape instead of my current shape).

Great work!

Nice idea for a game, it looks pretty cool too! (I did a similar look for my game, but I think yours came out a lot better.)

There's a little room for polish: A next shape HUD would be great (some versions of Tetris have a little picture in the corner that tells you what's next). Also, it would really help the game-feel if there was some more feedback on failure (screen shake, explosion, etc.). Right now, it doesn't feel like I crash, it just feels like I stop.

This is a great idea and you should polish it up a bit to make a great little game.

The game-feel on this one was good; it felt like I was moving really big, heavy blocks around. It would be neat if the the vertex played more of a roll in the game play than just being a simple counter.

Looks great, sounds great, nice idea!

Hey, great little game! It looks really good, and the music is delightful. What engine/framework did you use? 

Some constructive feedback: the controls felt slow. A few times I'd solved the puzzle in my head, and then it would take forever to bounce oily to where I wanted him to go (or I'd make a mistake and dread having to repeat the moves I already made). Speeding it up a little might improve the game-feel.

Holy cow! Thank you so much!

Wow! Thanks! This was my first time writing and using a shader, and it's also the source of the shortcomings you point out:

  1. I can't draw worth a damn and so I hoped that hiding behind the shader would cover for that.
  2. It took me a whole day to learn how shaders work; that was a day I would have used to make music.
  3. I went a little overboard with effect and you're totally right: the glitch is annoying.

A couple of more days, and I would have polished out the above. This is the curse of a game jam!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a thoughtful comment.

Yeah, the people are totally randomly generated (and buggy as heck). If you right-click and look at the developer console, you can even see their schedules (and straight-up cheat). The idea was to give them things to do that made sense (like a meeting in the conference room or the fact that IT is more likely to be in someone else's office fixing their computer) but there are some pretty big problems with the random generation algorithm. Thank you so much for playing it!

Thank you. I think my take on the theme is a bit of a stretch... but I'm really glad you liked it!

Thanks! I hope you're not disappointed to learn that I didn't draw any of the art (though I did do some serious Gimp-fu to make them workable).I wrote about my process here if you're interested.