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Can you find out who robbed the Mulhouse Casino?
Submitted by gblrfgr — 30 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#3742.7113.500
Creative use of art assets#4692.5823.333

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Good game, really clever idea.

Just think that the movement could be better, instead of pressing it multiple times, it would be better if it had a movement like pokemon games for example, where u can just keep it pressed, but overall really nice game.


Nice concept! I like the music, it's very good! Overall, it play like an engaging game with an interesting story.

Unfortunately, the game in the end after several playthroughs left me confused - does it have branching story? It seems to me that the only way is to fail, because I didn't find any alternatives.

I guess, the game is still work in progress, for example: every time you enter the room with the bell, the ability to rewind time activates. In the janitor room for the first time the door gets locked and it kinda forces you to use the ability, but then you can freely enter the room again, get the ability, get out and use it. I thought it had to be that way to investigate other rooms and maybe avoid contacting the bartender, but nothing was happening when used outside the janitor room.

Each time you enter the rooms with the bell, their state resets: I go to the janitor room, it's evening. I rewind time, it's afternoon. I go the vault - it's afternoon. I rewind time - it's morning. I go back to the janitor room: it's evening :) I got lost, where shoud use the ability? Only in the rooms with the bell, or outside, too?

So, if your story has other endings, please tell me the solution, I'd like to continue playing :)

I agree with Chugwig on the movement and talking with characters issues.

Anyway, I think this game has potential, especially because how you shaped it.

Good job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Agh, the rooms' states resetting and recharging the amulet was a bug I thought I'd patched out - sorry it confused you and hurt the experience. Generally, the rewind mechanic is only meant to be used in rooms with the bell.

The game does have a branching story - there are technically up to five endings, though four of them are bad endings. As for how to get past the conversation with the manager that usually ends the game:


You end up having to lie and say that it was one of the patrons who told you about the vault. From there, it's just a matter of who you choose to accuse. Use your judgement, and [EXTRA BIG SPOILER] don't accuse the manager; he runs the place, and can get you arrested easily. 


Thanks for playing the game and for your feedback!


Oh! OH! Thank you! The thing was... I didn't know that I need to use ARROWS to choose a dialog option! When arrow symbols appeared in the dialogs, at first I missed them, but then I knew, that something is going on! Maybe they mark something or they should work as buttons... After you told me I can choose a dialog, at first I was hitting WASD and QR, but nothing happened. I accidentally tried arrows - it worked! Did I miss something in the tutorial?

It was fun running after some hood stealer :)) There I saw the reasoning for walking a square at a time, because you have to use your skill of button mashing to chase the guy. It still needs to be easier while just walking around. I don't know what solution to offer, but, as I said, it was interesting for me to run after the guy step by step :)

Thank you, I'm gonna replay it a couple of times later!


Fun game and a neat concept.  The music fit and didn't get tiring, the characters are interesting, and the idea of rewinding time to solve a mystery is really cool.  I wasn't able to completely solve the mystery, a few things kept me from wanting to go again after my first death:

  • The movement system is nice from tile to tile, but being able to hold down the arrow keys and move in that direction once every second or something like that would have been better.  My hand was tired after repeatedly clicking the keys to move around, especially with all the back and forth required in the game.
  • The controls in general were good, but could have been better.  I would have preferred E over Q for interaction considering my index finger was already going to have to use R.  Or maybe space, but Q felt awkward to me.  The control screen at the start was incredible and explained the whole game clearly, so great job on that.
  • While the concept is neat, not knowing exactly what's going to happen when you talk to someone makes the game rather tough.  When the warning of "people may not remember you after going back in time" is shown I thought I'd have to be careful with dialogue choices, but instead I have to avoid talking to certain people at certain times otherwise my character will say "I just checked out the safe" before the robbery even occurs and then I get arrested.  I appreciated the interaction itself, but not how it was triggered.  If there had been some mistake I'd made that caused the failure besides not knowing I shouldn't talk to the guy yet, it wouldn't have left a sour aftertaste on a cool game over scenario.

As one last note, it seems that the bookcases have no collision box.  Not sure if this is used later on in the game or if it was an oversight, but it wasn't anything problematic.


Thanks for the feedback! Honestly, a lot of these things should've been obvious when I was developing - tunnel vision, I suppose!

I totally agree on your last point - the player should've had more options for what to say to him instead of just starting off with something that incriminating, and it should've been clearer from the beginning that if you say you checked out the vault, you have to lie about who let you in.

Honestly, now that I think of it, the fact that I developed a method for spamming the movement keys so I could move faster during testing probably should've been a warning sign. Oh well.

Overall, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback!


Hey, gblrfgr! I cannot run the linux version of your game :( It throws a console error:

./Linux.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Could you help me run your game?


That should be fixed now - my bad!


Thanks. now it's working! Gonna leave my comment after I play it thoroughly :)


Pretty cool, I liked the story throughout.