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I scored 454 points and lost 453 lol

One of the best games here! What can I say, I love how the tutorial is implemented, and the movement and the enemies are great. My only pointer would be in the action: some variations in the bride's attacks and an anticipation window in the enemy's attack animation would be appreciated. Otherwise, fantastic job.

Hey, it’s super cool to see our game being reviewed  and appreciated, even if it wasn’t a full experience! It reminds me of why I made this in the first place. I’ll continue to update it when possible, so I hope you’ll stick around for updates! All the best for your reviews!

Thank you so much for the nice comments! Glad you like it!

I nailed the landing on my fifth try! It's amazing how fun the game is in its simple goal. Great job for a jam game!

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Thanks for the nice feedback! Yeah it is buggy as heck, you know how jam games are... But I'll be updating it now and then. Glad you like parts of it though! 

We had the same idea, but you're the only one who weren't a chicken (cheep cheep) to actually do it! So funny, I give it a Tearing-me-Apart-Lisa out of Anything-For-my-Princess.

Yes it is heavily inspired by Overcooked! Kinda a challenge we gave ourselves in ten days to remake it. I’m putting up a tutorial in the description while we set up one in game.

Thanks for the feedback. The plan was to have a tutorial page at the start of the game, but as the deadline approaches we got busier and busier. Will add tutorials soon.

If you tweaked the viewport and the resolution a bit so that the game isn't bigger than the browser, that'd be great.

I watched it, and it’s the best analysis of the jam i’ve seen so far. Bit sad I didn’t make the cut, but that just fuels me for my next jam!

Are you planning to work on more jam videos? You can really build a fanbase that way, since it’s hard to compete with popular video analysis Youtubers. Start with small jams and then Ludum Dare. Either way, you got a subscriber!

Wow, a detailed post that points out rooms for improvement yet is encouraging and complimentary... You're the commenter of my dreams.

Congratulations, you found the 7th and last ending! I'm proudest of that one. Reference AND pun, it has everything.

Right, the "phantom jaywalker" bug started after my patch to lessen the pedestrians' impact as walking death machines.... I guess I can't win with these bugs :) And yes, I'm aware of how relaxed the gameplay can be. (That was after I lowered the difficulty for my non-gamer gf). I will fix these, but I'm already going at it on another jam haha. One day, one day I will have time... Anyway, thanks for playing and commenting, I really appreciate it!

Thanks! Cars spawn at intervals, so yeah. A little more balancing is needed. Or you can pretend I made a really nice screen saver!

Wow congrats! I don’t have a VR kit but I’m sure your game is great. Here’s to more great titles!

I gave a donation, it's small but filled with love for a fellow Godot developer. Keep making great titles!

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Thank you, that means a lot to me ! :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I wanted to make people hate jaywalkers, but not that much xD. Will probably update it. Cheers, will look forward to your video

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This is basically a super sick Bird Simulator. Nothing but love from this sparrow.

Oh yea, constructive feedback... Hmm. You could add navigational aid so you can glide around obstacles when hopping on the ground. Would make it much easier to move around. And maybe different controls for people too lazy to get their mouse?

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Have you tried both the windows and windows 64 bit versions?

Ah well, I did try that method once and failed. It didn't come as natural to me as, if you must know, using the glitch where the tables are stuck together when they're spawned on top of each other, making a table centipede (!), pushing it up against the wall and using it as a ladder.

And yes I did laugh at your water temple joke. Be proud!

May I ask what platform you're on?

Well done! Super polished visuals, nice audio, reasonably smooth controls, and innovative concept.

If you don't mind suggestions from a beginner dev: I got stuck at the triple table jump for like 10 minutes. Almost quit, then came back and figured out the directional throw, which is weird since I solved all previous puzzles without using it. I'd suggest make that mechanics mandatory for a preceding puzzle. Even after that I was stuck until I decided to exploit the glitched physics (won't spoil how). If that was intentional, well done! Very gratifying. Either way it's a shame that some people will skip your game before that.

P.S. Surfing on tables should be the main selling point of this game. Seriously.

sorry about that.. i’m new to the process. I’ll try later today. Thanks for visiting anyway!

Just download and execute? I’m on a Mac and only tested on Mac and Windows 10,  but if you have trouble with authentication:

- On Windows, click More info > Open anyway.

- On Mac, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open anyway

thank you! I found the Godot workflow similar to Unity, but the node tree feature makes it very easy to organise.

I quite enjoyed your game as well!