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I  have made necessary changes to my game. I would thereby request the admin to relist my game on Link-

I am not getting downloads on my game. What should I do to sell my game?? 

Please give me some unique tips to advertise my game

Once in a month promotion of my game.

Rage Ventures -                                                                                                                            

check out my game rage ventures

I want to thank for solving my problem and for your great service that you provided me as a developer . 

Introduction - Hi , the name of my game is Rage Ventures . It is a rage game made with Unity game Engine . It was uploaded recently , I made this game using 1 asset i.e. - invector 3rd person controller .

The goal of the game - 

You have to reach the  end of the path using your brain and parkour skills . There is a really amazing maze also . The last stage of the game is pretty difficult because you have to search for the building with the correct way i.e.- the way leading to the finishing line . 

Are u having fall guys steam key??

Is anyone having Fall guys steam key?? Plz comment down below

colors aren't there

yeah , but Brackeys is better


This is an awesome game . I just played and I enjoyed a lot . It features great graphics , effects and is really amazing . Here is the link of the game: -

I am sorry too . I am working on another game in which I am not using assets . Check that out.

I am sorry too . I am working on another game in which I am not using assets . Check that out

You will come to know about the pros of the game when you play it bro . And yes , it is a rage game and the objective is to complete the obstacle course which consists of a maze , a greek temple , etc . I will provide you a free copy if you want . And yes , handling assets is difficult . Think before you act . I have seen your posts . You just insult others because you cannot do anything .  Something is better than nothing .What do you expect from a 14 year old??

If you want , I can add other images also .

Among us , fall guys , rage ventures

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I uploaded my first game recently . I am creating this post to let you know that a Mayan Temple update is coming . Go and check out my game .

A Mayan Temple Update will soon come . Here is the link of the game :

Also , I am gonna make a stunning official trailer of the game . I would request you to play this game . 

Thanks for spending your precious time in reading this post .

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How much time does it take for a game to be sold on . Just comment the answer down .

This is my first project and is really great . It has great graphics and you cannot stop your rage . In this game you have to overcome various obstacles like a tip toe platform , maze and many platform jumps . I want you to give me a review of this game . Thank you . Here is the link of the game :-

A small price for a great game .