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In my game NPVAC the main character is Npvac, who means "NPVA Clock". Yeah, it's a clock who jumps, shoots and resolve puzzles.

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I ended my first Windows game on Godot (before I was made some Android games) and now I want feedback!

The game is NPVAC and it's free. Link to the game

Any feedback is really appreciated!

Enjoy the best Science Fiction game of the moment. With stunning neon-style graphics, a 2D gameplay full of dangers, puzzles, weapons, jumps, enemies and most original challenges, and a devilish difficulty. More than 20 hours of play in this impressive adventure of unbridled action.

Link to NPVAC

Hello, I'm gamesbyfar and I recently ended my first Windows game, after some Android Projects. The game is NPVAC, an original platformer action adventure, with hard difficult. It's my most ambicious project until now, I made it on Godot and it offers over 20 hours of gameplay. Ah, and it's free.

Give your feedback here, thanks!

Thanks for your support!