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Neat concept!  Borrows some visual themes and concepts from 1980s game Zaxxon.  Maybe the initial level could be a little slower and less difficult for the user to gain the feel and controls of the game, and then from there the difficulty could gradually increase.  Nice project - I especially like how the game gives detailed statistical analysis for how the aircraft was destroyed and what progress was made, that's a neat feature!

Menu button doesn't function with a desktop computer and mouse.  Maybe it works on a mobile touchscreen device only

Great concept!  I find the controls a bit counter-intuitive though (how do you drop presents?  And how do you exit to the game menu before the game ends?)  Nice visual effects and appropriate background music too.

Impressive game!  True to the arcade original

Looks sharp & polished!  Reminiscent of Boulder Dash, a classic puzzle & arcade action combination game.

Nice game!  I got to level 7.  High score table doesn't seem to work.  I like the end of level boss fights especially, and the hit counter is also a nice feature!

Nice little game made with AppGameKit!

Really nice game!  It has good balanced gameplay mechanic, and is offered at a fair price for purchase.  I hope you continue to author more games in the future!

Nice little game!  It was also neat to see that it was made with AppGameKit, a fine games creation system for sure.

Good concept!  I like the style of graphics as well.

This is a great little game!  The graphics, music and gameplay are all a nice match.  Great job, especially having done this in only 48 hours, amazing!

Constructive criticism: It plays way too fast, making it unplayable (browser version).  Could use some tweaking and improved graphics (more detailed, higher resolution, not so pixelated, too simplistic).  Seems to have the makings of a good game though, but needs some more work for improvement (in my humble opinion).  Thanks!

Nice rendering of an arcade classic.  I remember playing "Frogee" on the Commodore 64 and Frogger on the Intellivision years and years ago!

Cool game!

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Ha ha, that's awesome!  Might be a bit easier though if there were only 3 distinct levels of jump range.  Good game, very creative!

Edit: Got to the end of the 3rd cave!

Thanks for the insightful dev article!  There are some really good points in it.

I especially like the point made: "Finishing a relatively unambitious project feels much better than never finishing an ambitious one."  Some people describe that as "feature creep" where more and more features creep up and are added to the original scope of the game, and so it never gets actually finished.

That is something I am aiming for in my first few projects: limited scope or limited ambition, so that the projects actually get finished.  If nothing else, these smaller-scope projects can give a wealth of development experience to the author(s), even possibly preparing an author for subsequent larger-scope projects or specializations in a particular aspect of game development.

Thanks again for sharing your dev experiences and insights in this article.

Perhaps in the future you may reconsider and finish either this or another project.  I wish you success in your studies and in any future endeavors you may possibly pursue in game development!  Thank you for the update.

Nice game, fun to play!

Neat concept.  Could you expound on the Joris Dormans thesis, maybe even in the game itself?  Thanks for making this game available.

Neat game!

Nice Commodore 64 game!  Definitely worth playing!  Thanks for creating this and making it available.

Great content!  And very concise too.  Thanks for making this available

That's a great retro game!  I especially like the music soundtrack, good job!  I've played quite a number of Commodore 64 games in years past; this was a treat to be able to play one again.  Thank you for the freeware!

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Good audio and acceptable graphics, but gameplay seems to be missing something.  Perhaps the shots could be redone to give better visual contrast (can be difficult to see).

edit: Enemy laser fire could be a bit slower, to allow player more opportunity to avoid incoming shots.  For larger enemies, a damage / endurance status bar would be a welcome addition and would add to the overall gameplay.