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Yes! These fences are perfectly fine for commercial use! please enjoy. 😻

Great Game!

You Are Most Welcome! Thank you So much for your Kind Words! You Are Awesome!

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Yeah I really could not understand How Not to make the platforms fall.... I watched the YouTube video and seen that you where jumping across.. Great work! I really Enjoy your character design even if it needs a few tweaks. Also Very Dark for me! Claps for Making it to the Finish Line.

Great Project!  claps  Fun to play! Art and Style Looks Great!

Well I had fun! For such a simple set up, I actually really enjoyed this little game. Neat Idea. I made it to the end! Claps

Concept is decent, this tends to be a more common concept. Every mechanic is solid and works well.(Not Buggy). Great little animated particles effects(simple but cohesive). Presentation is great, but little lacking in diversity. All around a wonderful project, Keep it up! 

you are Sly LOL I was going around in circles hahahahah Claps. Awesome Play.

LOL Hard not to like the Art Style. Cool Idea, great casual rng play. And Great Pixel art. I found it a little hard to read the font style quickly in game play.

Hello what a great Play! This is super cool and reminds me of The_Quest_(1983_video_game). Claps Claps... now i want to see the other game too lol. I could not figure out how to leave the Game with out alt tab. I did not finish the game I think.  

From One of the Devs. If Some people really enjoy this little prototype, I am certain we could bring little project into a decent Play! LET us know what you Liked and disliked, personally I enjoy the basic mechanics. I am already building up a much more fulfilling Map with some more thought out Puzzling type play. Thanks for checking out our little Project. It was So much Fun to participate in the Alberta Game Jam! 

Claps Claps... that last Level sure is A Puzzle Great finish... Cool little game.

Claps Claps Team great work really good game. Level Design was impressive. The whole Project was very impressive. 

Claps Claps Team great work really good game. Level Design was impressive. The whole Project was very impressive. 

Pictures Look Great for Sure! Looks Like There is The whole world Finished already! Claps Claps

claps claps looks very good

Yeah I agree about the ending it is a little bit confusing but at least the audio fully explains it so you are not completely left scratching your head.  My mouse worked fine that is weird. It was still in Developer Release though. That must be why the size  of file and funky mouse thing I am sure.

Great work Guys. Every thing looks so high resolution and Runs SO SMOOTH. Audio off the Hook. Claps Claps Wonderful little Story.


Game Dev_onian 

    Is looking to Join Up with some Great Developers.. This Jam Looks like a whole lot of Fun. First Jam No Problems, I am looking to have Fun and gain experience with teams. I specialize in 3D props but - 4 years experience with UE4 - over 10 years with Blender, Substance(all), Adobe(all). Learning experience For all. Don't be scared lets have some Fun!  Only five Spots Per Team. That Means Four Spots Left Only! No experience Required! - Game Dev_onian  - Discord..... DM on Discord - Game Dev_onian. Thanks! Or Comment!

   Thank you in advance for any your interests.... there are only 4 spots. I apologize to those who may not get to Join our team THIS  time...... But there is always another Game Jam and experience's to learn. Take Care and Stay Safe!

   Designers, Artist, if you have a skill set you are looking to develop, and(or) are looking to have fun and work hard.  


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Happy Halloween Game Jams Every One!

 Free Old Wood Fence Set perfect for those Halloween Game Jams.

My Name is Justin Marcotte, Operating as Game Dev_onian. I Have been working my hardest to start up my own Independent Game Development Studio. How ever Indie kinda of incorporates a whole bunch of aspects, So it has been a very long 10-15 Years of hard work and training. I have arrived at a certain point in my life where i feel i have the means and capabilities to achieve my greatest dreams and ensure that they will be true. The markets are taking a very big turn in the future, I am going to become a leader during these times of change. Hit me up for Private work.  

This is my My Very first Post On the Itch community, Thank You for being so kind to me already Every One. 

Happy Halloween Game Jams Every One! Game Dev_onian is working harder every day. 

  3D Game ready Content for developers, made by Developers. 

 Have this Early "Treat" No "Trick".... Take Care Every One and Stay Safe.     

Can't wait to see where the future goes for all of us.       Stay in touch Much more Free content to Come!

These are all Substance Materials. ???

Thanks So Much WormJuice... that means so much that you had FUN! As well that you played my game and streamed it live. Thanks so much...   Be sure to check out his stream too. Thanks Your Awesome! 

Good Job! it is lots of fun... not easy.

Hello everyone! I really hope you enjoyed Playing Frozen Gold! Let Me Know!

Post links to Your Youtube Videos - Twitch Channels  or VODs.

Let Us Know How your Climb went. 

picture looks great!

Lots of FUN.... Good Luck