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The TransitionView game page

First Step
Submitted by durteeeoijedien, Tj'sreel, Sidartha Dipayhana, Kyan Rowse (@RowseKyan) — 14 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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How big was your team?

Team of 4.

Please, mention every team member and perhaps add links to social media.
Sergio (DejStrife)
TJ (Xiaohou)
Kyan (Xiaoxiao)
Sivasta (Sivasta)

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I liked this little game and hope the devs continue to work on it! Would love to see more memories of the characters, longer story, more interactive objects that contribute to the story, more dialogue options, etc.  Great job on this project!


Thank you so much for your words !! Really happy you enjoyed !!


I enjoyed this little game. The environment was nice, audio and such were great, except for the man's voice which sounds too "bored" and silent (idk how to describe it), woman's voice was good. Also I like that there are 2 different endings. And I like overal idea of the game (although I'm not sure I understand it correctly, but that's okay).

Few small problems: Man's voice (as stated above); I saw my mouse cursor during "dialogues"; I would expect "Press any key" in main menu should respond to a mouse click as well; The drawers in kitchen didn't contain anything so they felt useless, also bathroom didn't contain any interactable thing (or did I just miss it?).


I liked how simple the game was to play, but felt there could have been more depth in the memories the character was experiencing. The options were either really sugar-sweet, or really selfish. There was no in between, and the ending was completely sudden and unexpected. There was no build up to it at all. There was also no mention of what happened to the family that she is searching for in the game. It was still an enjoyable game. 




Personally I was left scratching my head on this game, just felt like the stories ending just came out of no where. Also why can't I use the left mouse button to interact? I get [E] is a common interact button, but if the left mouse button is not at all except for menus its just odd its not used as an option to interact. Also I do wonder why this game is like over a GB big, the game doesn't seem to be that demanding. Still its an okay little game.


Thanks for the comment! We really appreciate that you played our game! We defined the [E] key to interact with objects, but we also enabled left click mousse for that. We will try to make it clear for the player next time.


Mmm, maybe because I played some other game in the Jam that also had you use the [E] key and the Left Mouse is never used in there game (I tested it) that might of not tested by accident and just jump to conclusion, or the first time I tried to used left mouse in your game it didn't register for some reason.


Yeah I agree about the ending it is a little bit confusing but at least the audio fully explains it so you are not completely left scratching your head.  My mouse worked fine that is weird. It was still in Developer Release though. That must be why the size  of file and funky mouse thing I am sure.


Great work Guys. Every thing looks so high resolution and Runs SO SMOOTH. Audio off the Hook. Claps Claps Wonderful little Story.


Thanks for the comment! We really appreciate that you played and liked our game!