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Fynn Frings

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great game :)

Nice game :D

I really like the way you have implemented the rewind feature!
It really feels quite natural.

Thanks for your rating.

I have checked out your game as well :)

Its really fun and definitly has potential as well.

Good Job!

thanks for your feedback!

There definitely are a lot of things that could be improved.

We're glad you liked the game anyways :)

Awesome Game! really enjoyed playing it. 

would love to see it being further developed :'D

very beautiful art. i like how you have implemented the rewind mechanic.

good job!

I am the girlfriend who plays the game.

i had a lot of aggressions while playing this.

but my boyfrined says it is fun and actually pretty good for one week.

It was funny to play this game hihi , well done bro

I had fun playing this game! the mechanic is really innovative.

good job! :D

nice and polished game. really enjoyed playing it! :)

thats a really nice looking and polished game.

I actually did really like the movement and also the fact that bigger objects have their own gravity fields.

i definitly would play that game again. 

Maybe you should think about building that as a mobile game! As the only thing you can do is press one button right now, that shouldn't be too hard to do ;)

Good Job!

its hard but very fun! Good job! :)

that is a really fun game! Really like it and would definitly play again :)

really like the game. Good music and art! Seems like a polished game even you only had 1 week!

Good job!

thank you really much. We are glad that we came up with that idea :D

yess, we would have loved to have more feedback with the boss as well! 

thanks for your rating!

thank you really much for your feedback! we like the idea as well but have wished to get more features in the game. thanks for having an eye for the detail ;D

thank you really much. we also wish that it was longer :(

there were so many different features we would have loved to implement but just couldn't.

Sadly we have removed the enemies and other core elements of the game because of some github merge issues haha

Thanks for your feedback!

the game is actually fun to play and fully working without any major bugs. i like the lighting! the only thing i would like to improve is, that you cant stack ammunition. when i have full ammo there is no reason to pick up another ammo package. but thats not that bad haha so i need to run around more. 

good job!

your jump physics really stand out cause it just is different than in all the other games. i game definitly  had some fun playing the game. good job :)

good job. i really like your audio implementation! it has some portal like vibes :'D

interesting game. i can image it being a really fun game if putting more time into it! good job!

the game is really fun. and because of the fast restart into every level it even is pretty addicting to be honest :p

Like your work!

Thats definitly a fun game! i really liked playing it. keep up the great work!

Really innovative and fun game! it is a little hard at first but you get used to it. great idea!

looks awesome! good job :D

nice work! :D

The mechanic is really interesting and innovative! like your work!

Nice Game!

nice game. glad you also have managed to upload in time :D

thank you really much! :D

thanks for your feedback! we will definitly work on these things :)

thank you :)

i really like your art. good job!

thank you really much! :)

the jump mechanic needs some tweaking! also it is a little unclear that your jump ability changes throughout evolution stages.

thanks for your feedback! :D

i could image playing that as a mobile game for hours. it actually is really fun to play :D

good job! :D

thank you really much :)

thank you :D

i love your art work in the game of yours!