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For me it's the fog and that weird (and unnecessary. Sorry!) "jumping" animation.

Fog is usually the most troublesome thing in games for old PCs to handle, as it has several layers, and also runs animation.
Try disabling them on the options (fast travel option I think).

Being too filled up also ends encounters.

For example, if you're too full, the goblin encounter ends immediately (he actually says "gyahaha you're too filled up").
Basically, the battle starts and immediatelyy you're defeated, but there's no penalties.
I think it also happens on other encounters too.

CoC is ALL about changing something into something.
I'm talking about a way to increase/reduce attributes only, not a way to end up being a mass of tits and tentacles with 3 horse penises as legs, and eyes with nipples that shoot out flaming semen.

For example, the evil witch at the manor might reduce penis size and increase boobs if you choose the feminize option. Or the opposite with the mermaid. Small stuff like that, that keeps in the middle of being just a MtoF trans game.

I think it would be cool to have increasing/reducing attributes items.
This way everyone would be happy!
(if a penis gets reduces beyond the minimum, it changes onto a vag.)

I missed it too, and foound it casually.

You get the first encounter were she is raping a guy.
You can talk (and battle her) or shut up.
If you shut up, the second time you meet her, she will recall your cowardice, and ask if you're turned on or not.
Turned on requires perk Catamite, and you'll get the usual fuck.
Choose not, and she will challenge you, and a fight starts.
Lose the fight (you can use surrender).
After the fight, it's game over, and you get two to choose: die like a man, or live like her woman. (better save before the fight so you can see both)

I haven't tried on the latest version, but previously was simple.
Arouse her, then kneel or slide (any crouching position). If she doesn't start the oral with you on that position, youcan use grab it, and start yourself

Nevermind me

I just realize I never use the Inn, and keep forgetting about the Town Portal scroll *facepalm*.
Nice breakdown, made me realize several things and others I didn't knew (like the Spider encounter. I assume it's the one at the ruins, which I avoid like the plague because it creeps the heck outta me. "birthing" spiders from my mouth is definitely not my thing :P )

Btw, about caches, the most common thing I get is some gold. I don't get food too often (maybe 1 out of 5), and half the time I get something like "You find nothing, are you missing something?" but couldn't figure what is causing it. A low attribute?

Usually I have no food problems, but my last run was a nightmare.
But, I've been using the same save. Basically, I make a character carefully, and save on the very first spot to avoid having to go thru character building whenever I want to restart. Judging by your game breakdown, and my own mistakes, most likely I have a "unlucky" map set up, and all this makes it for my current food troubles (more than once on previous builds I had to restart from zero due a troublesome map).

Anyways, thanks for replying. And being patient :P

Ah, that's why I've used the "Is" and "mes" and "personally", to be precise about just being personal opinions. ;) 

I really meant "genuinely asking", not trying to be douche or trolling.
You've explained the logic behind the mechanic on a previous post, and now I understand, that's all I needed.

But please consider at least rising a bit the forage income.
I'm not saying something like a multiplier per chaarcter (so food x3, which indeed would be too much), but at least something like 2 units per character. It doesn't breaks the game, but it's a slight help.

Seriously, food it's really an issue, I guess that there's more to come in the future but right now by the time you reach 1/3rd of the map you're out of it. And then it's a lot of save scumming just to advance a little more.
Have in mind that yes, some encounters can be avoided... precisely at the cost of food. Perfectly understandable. But the map now it's huge, and there's some content that can't be reached even with the most careful planning.

For example, you really need to see the witch to defeat the Xiuh "lord". But just reaching the witch it's really hard, you can barely make it. And then save-scumming to move from the witch's cottage.  And "If" you make it to Xiuh, then you need to travel back. And again, a butt-ton of save scumming. And I'm not even taking into account the extra tiles avoiding certain encounters, or moving from town to town (which it's a death sentence... and required to complete a quest).

I understand your logic of food=timer. But it's like saying "the game has 3 hours of content, and you have 1 hour to complete it"
It's not that we can choose and plan a path, and then later choose another one (probably the intention of the mechanic)... it's simply not enough to follow any path.

Really, and again I'm not trying to be an asshole, as it is now, it's not balanced (even for a timer style of playing), not even with the hunger charm.
But hey, it's just my opinion ;)

Sorry, but what's the point of food being finite?

I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely asking in case I'm missing some game mechanic or aspect.

The game expands more and more, with more map, more travelling, more companions and more options to explore, I don't understand what is the function, logic or balance (right now it doesn't makes any, sorry to be blunt) of food becoming more scarce as the game advances .

Is it meant to work as a sort of timer? Or as a way to limit the player to add replayability?

"It's meant as a last resort, not as a sustainable means of acquiring food"
And what would be a sustainable way? Bceause there are no taverns we could eat, and food on stores are a 1 time thing, it doesn't replenishes...

OMG you're punishing players that want to have companions! Why do you punish players??

Now seriously:
Ah, gotcha, didn't thought about that. But wouldn't make sense to also raise the amount of food found while foraging too? (I think Kylira actually says something like "I found some berries", but the outcome it's still low -Find 8 and lose 4-.

I don't remember if these are in the gallery, but still worth checking:

Pucca (bad end). To get her you need to take a loan at the Bank and don't pay. Lose the battle for a bad end pic.

Mouth Fiend. On the Brothel, hire a girl, and fail the charisma check (by being rough with them). Eventually the Butt Madame will kick you out. Look around the town and you'll get an encounter.
Note: this is like sort of an alternative path game. I never completed it because I got bored to death (sorry, not my thing), but has lots of pics, and apparently an alternative "game over".

Lord of Mount Xiuh: the main goal for now. Just keep going and look for one of the farthest mountains. It has a "normal" pic, and a couple more.

Also, I think the ghost has a bad end pic, not really sure.
And Urka (Orc) has a an animation aside of his extra "normal one", win or lose you should see it (just get intimate with her).

Ogre-2  (normal and defeat)

White Centaur (Unicorn?) -2  (you need to be an anal virgin when finding a centaur)

Male Goblin -3 (basically an alternative version of the female goblin)

Yah, that's why I said"have Urka and the Gadgeteer as the 2 companions for example, or mix them with Kylira or Trudy." ;) 
(so it's always only 2 companions)
In any case, none of the ones I've mentioned are "fightable" ('cept Urka, and it's a one time thing!).

The old werebitch was pretty cool indeed. Sort of a not-so-crazed version, which it's probably why it was changed. It makes sense, and the newer one looks better for the role, but it's a pity the old one is lost...

How did you got the "Slut" class, and what does it does exactly?

You can get the "Prostitute" class if you get enough levels of Lady of the Night, tho I don't know for sure what it does.

The "Mare" class is from dealing with centaurs, and I think it lets you join their camp without getting the bad end.

You can also get the "Queen" class from the Beastmistress Drow... but it's a bad end.

And I think there's a "Gobbo fuck-toy" class as a bad end on the Patreon version, not really sure.

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Hi, sort of new around (long time lurker)

I saw there are plans for adding Urka as companion. Lately, I was trying some different options of my usual choices, and found out she actually has a bad end and never noticed.

Will it be possible to have "being my woman" bad end path actually become playable? Say, she can join "normally" so to speak, or, if you pick the option that usually it's the "her woman" bad end, become her other joining path (leaving the "like a man" as a true bad end). It would be rather cool to actually change your name (as you change classes) as it says it does (and even cooler to automatically get the usual animation when entering towns, as it says it does on the bad end too -public fuck just so everyone knows who's the girl-).

On the same route, are there plans with the Gadgeteer?   It could have the same path. Instead of bad-ending, you keep playing caged with her as companion.

Neither collide with the other, so you could actually have Urka and the Gadgeteer as the 2 companions for example, or mix them with Kylira or Trudy.

The "beastmaster" ending could also be playabe? Much like "equine lover" (were you find "your place" on the tribe), could it be possible to have the option of spend a willpower point, and instead of getting the bad end, you get an animal companion? (with all that it entails. Focus on tails and being "tailed" :P )

On a different note, you (Majalis) have f***tons of pics that could be reused (like the Ogre ending), I doubt anybody would complain (on the contrary!).

For example, you have a pic of a trap being auctioned. With a bit of editing, it could be used for the Pucca ending (where she gets tired and sells you). There is another pic of another trap being topped by a sort of panther, could be useful for beastmaster stuff (again, litle editing). The early pic of the werebitch was rather cool, could be used for an encounter (sort of lesser werebitch), or the pic of the lumberjack-style of shewolf (as another type of encounter with werebitches). You even have a pic of a girl (easily editable) being egged by tentacles, useful for the map event.

This would add a lot of extra content with little extra work.

I wasn't even into traps until I tried this game, and now it's one of my favourites. Well done, you pervs.

Indeed, hunger has become a problem for me too.

Even with the foraging skill at 3 points, it doesn't makes it much better.

Foraging often gives some minor food, like fish or berries I think, at 8... and foraging itself takes 4 of those. The only good outcome is hunting, which gives 20 (and down to 16). But, getting lost, falling in a hole or mated by the huge bird thing takes around 20, and it happens much more often than the hunting event, so foraging isn't really a good option, sometimes you need to spend a week (in-game time) just to get enough to reach a town.                        Basically, it's 2 or 3 regular to bad outcomes (small results for around 4 food, which drops to zero as you have to spend the day for another -4), 3 bad huge outcomes (pitfall, lost, bird thing) and only 1 decent outcome (hunt). Rather out of balance.

 It gets even harder since the only good time to forage it's only safe at early morning and midday, after that it's impossible. So it comes down to forage and hope to get the decent event of hunting, and hope not to get one of the bad ones (which happens too often), basically a 1 on 5 chance. And reload, reload, reload.

What's worst, food on the town doesn't replesnishes, it's a 1 time thing (which actually doesn't makes much sense), and you also lose food while in town (this shouldn't happen, I doubt anybody would starve on a town. Maybe instead losing some small gold, as if Hiro it's paying for food), traveling from town to town can be a insta-death of starving (again, food cost should be reduced, it's supposedly a safe way of traveling) because of the cost.

I think the hunger has been adjusted too high. At 4 hunger per map-dot location it drains pretty fast. And the hunger charm only reduces 1 of this, it's kinda pointless (and depends entirely on luck. On all the time playing -since early versions- I've only found 2 charms. One stolen from an Ogre on a early version, and another on the latest one).

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Ah, I get what you mean.

Yea, she's kind of squatting, as if trying to hide the boner or in the middle of standing up. You want a pic of her standing up straight like most other characters, gotcha. Well, so far there's only one pic, so who knows what's in store in the future! :D

About clothes... I dunno, I kinda like the "rags". 
Note she really doesn't show much less skin than Hiro (who actually has his legs and arms covered -always speaking of the default look-). Maybe she's not interested in being dolled up, or doesn't knows how to. Trudy is sort of a tease, and clearly has more experience. Besides, Kylira's look match her personality: awkward, not sure, and accustomed to be alone. Kind of a wood's hermit.
Maybe a dolled-up version could be shown for the brothel (if/when you tell her to go there), that would make sense, as the Madam would want her "girls" to be "prettier". 
Or have some talk options where you can give her tips to dress "better"... she could ask, or having Trudy too in the party unlocks the option -she might criticize her looks and give her tips-, sort of how she scoffs at Urka.
In any case, this is maybe an aspect Majalis (they!) isn't interested in developing (since it doesn't really adds much in terms of game content), but remains to be seen how much RPGing aspects they're going to add.

You need to look at the big picture:
This is a game about androgyny, not straight up feminization. I don't think there's a real need to have everyone look like pretty k-pop girls.
-We have Hiro, which it's an adventurer, and looks somewhat "normal", more generic (what can be "normal" in game terms... not slutty or overtly super girly or produced. That can be achieved in-game). Physically it also looks more standard in proportions.
-We have Trudy, which it's quite the tease, sort of the "tsundere" type of character, flashy and produced. Physically she looks more voluptuos, it fits her role of being a show off (the type of cocky *pun intended* veteran adventurer)
-And Kylira, which is kind of the "adorable in their weirdness" character. Physically she seems slightly taller, even a bit lankier compared to Hiro and Trudy.
So, the big picture is quite varied and original.

I do agree the Turtle could have more interaction.
Facepalming at certain battle outgoing would be hilarious.

Yah, the game overs and willing endings are probably the thing that "bothers" me most (note the ""s: it's not like they ruin the game, I'm just being nitpicky :P ). I don't really understand why if we get a "love" counter, we don't like it in the end. (I'm not getting into alternative texts between generic and specific, since I assume that the different paths will be done later)

For example, right now it's near impossible to get the harpy-lover (cuckoo for cuckoo?) ending, since the Harpies don't do damage and can't beat you. Or the male goblins with their endless loop of in-game battling (their spawn rate could be reduced a bit. Seems like once you clear a spot, they take the place, and it becomes really hard to find other encounters. What's worst, they're really hard to beat, and they over use the grappling, meaning that sometimes I have to close the game althogether since there's no way out). And most of the time, the generic "anal-lover" triggers before anything. For example, I don't even know if there's a horse-lover ending (despite having a counter) since the anal-lover always triggers first, no matter what I try.

Maybe a way to deal with this, is to have a in-battle "submit" option.
If you choose this, you get the corresponding creature-lover counter (Harpy, centaur, wereslut, etc). You're submitting after all. So, at low levels, if a battle is too difficult you can submit (and get a critter-love counter), so game-wise you get a chance to way out at first, albeit getting less and less chances later. 
If you fight and lose, you get the generic anal-lover counter. You resisted but just got beaten and fucked, it doesn't really matters who.

This way, if you submit, you start to liking that particular creature. And, if you're in the mood, you can just search the specific creature, keep submitting and get the specific love ending, or if you lose normally (or lose on purpose), you get the generic anal ending.

To all the above:

please no.

Sorry buddy, no offense intended at all, but seems that it's just a matter of personal tastes. Basically, you want the NPC you don't like, changed into something completely different that you like, and something which is really common and boringly overdone. I could type "hentai wwhflkmgljhft" and get 1482746596  results of 243649560 characters like those (little fists close to face, or *cringe* the damned "V" gesture). Again, personally, I'm sick tired of that empty, stereotyped manga. There's literally hundreds of manga games with that content.

For example, I like Kylira more than Trudy. If anything, it's Trudy who looks completely off: for someone that it's supossedly a though seasoned adventurer that beats monsters daily wielding a heavy battleaxe, she doesn't looks the part at all. And that's precisely what makes her original and interesting. She's a super girly-pink character, and she gets pissed off if you ask she's a he; she looks like a bubbly character but she's actually a warrior; she's a top, but uses his butt to top. Kinda like contradictory on his behaviour... and that's the beauty of it.

Now, Kylira it's an elf, true. Nothing says she's ugly or less attractive, and nothing says she should be otherwordly beautiful just because her race. Aaaand again, beauty it's a matter of tastes. Some might prefer the over-feminized looks, others might want a more "neutral" look. It's "androgyny" right there in the title after all (besides, maybe Mahalis have planned more future content to NPCs, regarding their looks, who knows!). 

Kylira wears regular clothing. Nothing spectacular, because she's as much as a noob as Hiro (let's say that Hiro's default clothes are the Enchantress, since it's the one depicted on images). Also, she's a lone wanderer, I doubt she'd be wearing princess clothes while roaming the woods searching for herbs and mushrooms. She's alone because she couldn't find a place among elves (one of the first things she says).
So basically, she's not the stereotypical "pretty-pretty shy girl-boy" that smells like bubblegum and has rabbits jumping around. It's a character that hasn't found "her way" yet, someone that doesn'treally knows what to do (pretty clear thru his dialog). Al in all, she's more the awkward-anywhere character rather than shy and bubbly.
When I see his picture, I feel it perfectly matches what we know of the character: and lone elf boy that likes to be "girly", and gets an awkward boner because  just found someone like her.

And I f***ing love the stoned turtle.

But hey, that's just my personal opinion! ;)