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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

How to unlock all game scenes

A topic by nokalt created Jun 11, 2018 Views: 20,785 Replies: 8
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So I am trying to unlock all the scenes in the pervert category on the start menu

right now I have : Wereslut - 4

Harpy - 6

Slime - 2

Brigand - 3

Centeur - 5

Goblin - 3

Orc - 1 (the normal one)

Adventurer - 2

Arachne - 1 (the normal one)

Beast Mistress - 4

Golem - 1 (the normal one)

Ghost - 1 (the normal one)

Angel - 1 (the normal one)

Naga - 3

Mermaid - 1 (the normal one)

Warlock - 2

Could anyone tell me if I  am missing any and if yes how do I get them.

Ogre-2  (normal and defeat)

White Centaur (Unicorn?) -2  (you need to be an anal virgin when finding a centaur)

Male Goblin -3 (basically an alternative version of the female goblin)



I don't remember if these are in the gallery, but still worth checking:

Pucca (bad end). To get her you need to take a loan at the Bank and don't pay. Lose the battle for a bad end pic.

Mouth Fiend. On the Brothel, hire a girl, and fail the charisma check (by being rough with them). Eventually the Butt Madame will kick you out. Look around the town and you'll get an encounter.
Note: this is like sort of an alternative path game. I never completed it because I got bored to death (sorry, not my thing), but has lots of pics, and apparently an alternative "game over".

Lord of Mount Xiuh: the main goal for now. Just keep going and look for one of the farthest mountains. It has a "normal" pic, and a couple more.

Also, I think the ghost has a bad end pic, not really sure.
And Urka (Orc) has a an animation aside of his extra "normal one", win or lose you should see it (just get intimate with her).

thanks for the info

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