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Howdy! I replied above in a bit more detail, but everything should be fine if you downloaded the game from this page and/or the app.

Hi! If you downloaded the game from this page, it's safe to play. Sometimes malware detection systems give false positives when dealing with an executable they haven't seen or have only seen rarely (not many people have downloaded this game in the grand scheme of computer downloads!).

Our current best guess is that your security settings are stopping you from opening the game. The DMG is unsigned, so you will need to follow the steps for unsigned apps at: 

We'll add this link to the install instructions! If it still doesn't seem to work, let us know what your MacOS version is. You can write us at if you don't want to have that conversation here.

We're looking into it and hope to have an answer soon! In the meantime, if you still have a way to run Flash, the SWF should be safe to play.

We love the idea of doing those remasters, but they take a lot of time and effort and the sales of The Majesty of Colors Remastered just don't make them projects that make sense to us right now. We've considered it, and it would be very cool, but we don't currently have plans for that.

We're not sure what would be causing this; the projector works fine on multiple of our devices. We've put up a new version of the projector EXE with an adjustment to the old sitelocking code; let us know whether that one works for you!

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We welcome any questions you have about how to use Rosette Diceless. Got questions about how to create a culture of consent at your table while still producing a dramatic story? Want some clarification on how a Conflict works mechanically? Ask here.

Also, we'd love to hear about stories you're crafting at the table: silly moments, epic moments, and quiet emotional moments. ♥

- Melissa and Gregory

Thank you so much for the kind words!