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Rosette Diceless

Consensus-based, story-focused, improvisational roleplaying · By Future Proof Games

Ask us anything; share your stories! Sticky

A topic by Future Proof Games created Oct 27, 2020 Views: 213 Replies: 2
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Developer (1 edit)

We welcome any questions you have about how to use Rosette Diceless. Got questions about how to create a culture of consent at your table while still producing a dramatic story? Want some clarification on how a Conflict works mechanically? Ask here.

Also, we'd love to hear about stories you're crafting at the table: silly moments, epic moments, and quiet emotional moments. ♥

- Melissa and Gregory

What is the minimal amount of players?


We've had success with as few as three players, with one of the three narrating. Two players total should work okay by the rules, but you may find that certain parts don't work as well, as we haven't done much testing at all with one-on-one play.