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Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I did have fun watching you video. 🤟

Thanks for playing!

Tha ks for playing! I'm glad you liked it

Thanks for playing! 🤟

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and  for your comments! It's well appreciated.

Thanks for playing! I recommend you to play the whole game!

Thank you for playing! I will fix that post-jam.

Thanks! If you have any suggestions i would really appreciate it.

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Thanks for playing! Im so glad you liked it. If you have some suggestions feel free to post it.

Thank you! I will add a sound volume option in the next update. Thanks for playing

Thank you for the feedback! Consider that done post-jam. Thanks for playing

Cool game, the conversation was so deep.  It will touch the souls of players.

Nice game, i really want a context about what happened there 

Any way i can play the game?

I hope you can work on this post-jam! I'm looking forward

I didn't finish it, as flappy goes closer closer into the cafe, my soul is being sucked by the demons of frustration. I really had a bad good time with this game. Good job.

I dont know how a simple game can make me relax lol. Satisfying game, i hope you can add audio soon to bump up  its satisfying power even more.

Nice game! I really love how you put a twist into a classic swapping game. It's a bit laggy in my end but i assume this is because of my unit. Good job

I had fun playing this game, although my skills is not good for this kinds of game. Good job! Just a suggestion: make the rain lines more thicker

Fun Game, but im a bit confused at first on what to do. Nice job!

we really appreciated your feedback! We're gonna update the game sooner. Thanks for playing!


Thank you!

I know i cant sleep at night knowing  i killed winnie the pooh a hundred times. :< Nice work!

Cool concept, although im a bit confused about the mechanics like what does the magnet do in the game, but its a good concept. Im looking forward on the expansion of the game, Goodluck!

Goreeeeeeeeeeee. I love this game.

I love the retro-aesthetic art style of the game.

It s a bit confusing because of my lack of skills in maze games. I love the atmosphere and the graphics. Nice work!

Its a hard game, but its fun. love it

Nice Game

Cool puzzle platformer. I love this

Fun Game. <3

Fun Game. <3

Nice game, i love the retro look. It's also challenging. Love it.

I'm loving it even though i suck at Quick time events. I love the art style esp. the characters which are cute.

Don't Die is a small arcade game packed with interesting gameplay, clean graphics, and a lots of fun(meh)!
With just your mouse, Dodge flying bots and Don't get squashed by a rock. Just Don't Die!

Don't Die Page :

This game is nice