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Of course!

Hilarious concept and great execution ! 

Cool concept ! The balancing is really off but the idea is banger and the atmosphere shows amazing potential !

Great idea and cool execution ! Kudos for the cool names you found for the units

You always have the sweetest words <3

Amazing idea and nice execution, especially for a first jam ! I would have liked knowing a bit more about the consequences of my actions (especially about the financiary cost of my actions) but the experience was great ! Cool work

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Incredible, making two different gameplays in two days. Great work and amazing atmosphere (I'm currently uncomfortable which is a great sign for a horror game)

It's terribly punitive though (especially the second part)

Banger audio choice, cool take on the theme and great intentions here, people ! The execution lacks polish, I lost a few times just by speaking to one person (maybe some kind of bug with the timer/number of people you talk to not resetting between games or whatnot I dunno) but it's a jam game and overall it's a really great idea and a bold design choice. Thank you for this

Cool design ! I enjoyed trying out different configurations and understanding more strategies as the levels got more challenging. Kudos for this

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Cool game ! Lacks content (of course it's a jam game) but the idea is very cool and the pixel art is well made. I had fun running around the dungeon ! (I just didn't understand how to use the props all around but it was fun fiddling around. And kudos for the paint !)

Unique concept, strong idea and incredibly wholesome. I mean it, I love the fact that the dev just told the story of how they got there. felt like being in the train with my cheek on the window and daydreaming about a sorta romantic game.

This is what game jams are about for me, thank you so much

Simple and fun game ! The UI takes a lot of space and following the "ennemy" kind of takes away the juice of spawning an army but the concept is fun and overall very enjoyable, well done

Extremely polished game. Amazing work ♫ 

Wonderful pacing and writing ! Amazing job, you guys. This is wholesome as hell

This game is absolutely lovely !! The art is wholesome, the music is really well made and the story is wholesome as can be. Excellent work, I'd litterally play a longer version of this. 

Fun and well polished. Also good work on producing the music !

Pretty good idea and nice execution. Relaxing and fun. Although for a rogue-like it really lacks difficulty. A good idea would have been to force the player to use all of their dice before rerolling and make the map a bit smaller so you can't always avoid the ghosts or to make some ghosts move faster (maybe every time you use a die instead of every three dice)

Great job, very good puzzle game. Kept me busy for a while

Really good game ! Thinking of papers please was a smart one and the execution and presentation are nicely done. Great work

I really feel the infuriating Dark Souls vibe here with the twist of randomness. This is a good game but oh so so frustrating. Nice work overall and very neat work on the music and graphics

Great looks and amazing original music (I'd be interested to know where I can find it if at all), pretty fun game and kinda cool take on the dice system.

Really creative concept, the sound of the dice is absolutely spot on. I'd have liked a save mechanic to make it as addictive as it could be but overall this is well though (and could become an absolute timewarp on smartphone)

Absolute banger ! Amazing platformer with great arts and a neat vibe. Also, the main menu gameplay is a nice touch and it really adds to the prisoner vibe. Excellent work

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Absolute pearl ! The art is beautiful, onboarding is impeccable and the flavor text really makes you want to keep on. Great choice of sounds too.
As a way to improve it imho, maybe it would be good to make the heating signal a bit more progressive as you only have a few seconds left before losing when the animation triggers but apart from that, this is amazing work.

Good and original idea, fitting with the theme and an accurate arcade vibe. Great work !

Adorable graphics and really fluid controls ! Nice one, people

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The concept is interesting but it really lacks visual feedback of what you do. The great diversity of spells you could cast isn't really shown in the animation. Also it would be great to be free to do any combination on the pentagram and just see what happens. However the idea is a good one so kudos people ! (And for a first jam, what you did is very much alright !)

This is actually an online D-6 with a retrogaming flavour. Overall cute flavour (And I don't know many of the controllers here but hey, cool idea !)

Pretty fun, graphics are cute and the music is an absolute banger. However the dice mechanics isn't really felt as useful. Still a cool one though, good job with artistic direction !

Really fun golfing game ! The bar giving you your trajectory is a great idea, I really wanted to play more ♫ good job people.

The concept is pretty good, I enjoyed the mechanics and the music fits pretty good. Nice take on the theme

Gorgeously polished, very well presented and enjoyable. Very fluid too. If I could add an idea or two, maybe could have used the inter-level screen too explain some mechanics for an even clearer experience and a button to roll the dice would have been nice in addition to clicking it but the game is already a really fun one. Great job people !

A cool tea-enthusiastcore aesthetic, left wing jokes infused narrative game with a ton of weirdly coherent yet tirelessly weird turns of event. Also really cool arts. Would recommend