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Nice implementation of the theme, there could be a better way of destroying enemies, but good game on the whole.

I could keep playing as it was a simple arcade with smooth controls. Unfortunately there is no sound which would have added to the experience. A great game none the less.

Simple interpretation to the theme which was well applied in the game.

This game is a nice take on the theme, it's difficulty is what makes this awesome to play.

Full Stars, Great work.

Great game, nothing to really point out except for the fact that the sensitivity is a bit too high.

Amazing game really like the art style and your take on the theme. Wasn't able to play through the whole thing though due ton browser issues, but I did like the game. 

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Thanks, due to high school and other time restrictions I only had 2-3 days to complete it. By the way did you jump down the hole near the middle it leads you to a shortcut sort of.