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May I offer some feedback? I can see what you're trying to do with the delayed camera movement, for that realism, but it's dizzying and will make players confused and nauseous. However you can achieve the "gun moves first, camera follows" visual effect without the camera lag by having the camera directly controlled by the mouse like a normal FPS but the gun is offset by how much the camera has moved * a multiplier, so the gun pushes ahead faster. You can add perlin noise randomisation to make it feel a bit more natural too.

Awesome. This already fixes my biggest complaints about it. I’ll play through again tomorrow and update my Steam review.

Yeah. I suspect that was originally the plan, but then it was dialled way back after this Gamespot comment (Timestamped): 

(For what it's worth, I don't agree with this guy at all, the shadow being was amazing)

I don't think anybody "gave up" as such, but I feel like some content exists to make a short game long enough for Steam. Their refund policy ruins short games. Since the beta said it was "50%" of the game, something about double it's length would make sense - The pool & spa followed by the theatre and then the office hell (probably originally with another shadow guy chase in there?) would have made a great full game, I expect, as happens with many games, some of the other stuff was to get it to fit around that, and it's a shame.

Yeah, Steam have been refusing to approve keys for devs to give out for other store purchases a lot lately. It might be out of his control.

I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Most of the sightings from the demo are gone, and the chase section doesn't do anything if he catches up to you now, he just stops.

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Here ya go! It's a bit of a "Let's Study", though I'm much less experienced in 3D rendering/shaders, I attempt to understand some of it.

Thank you!

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Amazing! Thank you. Yeah I remember Freddie showed up on a lot of those, I was pretty happy about it at the time, heh! I bump into people occasionally online, but it's mostly people I stayed in touch with from old forums etc. who remember it. I know that DingDongVG remembers it and occasionally brings it up in a stream. I'm not sure when the Freddie remake will come out, but it's really cool talking about it so here are some of the preview screens/concept images!

They are indeed! There is also a Freddie reference in my newest game, Spectacular Sparky :D I made Freddie way back in the day, and am working on a remake! I always love bumping into people who remember that game!

Your response to feedback has been awesome, you're gonna go far! I look forward to seeing more of this game :D

We with work with influencers and all sorts, got connections because of publishers and YouTubers I've worked with in the past, we could have easily asked those influencers to put tweets out etc. encouraging people to vote, and we purposely chose not to do that, because a Game Jam shouldn't be a popularity contest, and the idea of it felt crappy to do. We want people to judge games on their own merit, and we joined in here to have fun and be creative. We only ranked top 30 in one category and that's fine.

If you made a bunch of dummy accounts you were cheating. If you just asked a lot of people you know to sign up just to vote, I guess it's technically not cheating but it's not exactly good competition is it? These things are supposed to be ranked for creativity and achievement, not how many people you know.

It was awfully kind of one of your commenters who is definitely not you to come and take offence to cheating accusations wasn't it? Ya know, the one who said "I played lots of games and this was the one I liked best" despite not leaving any comments on any other games :D I noticed we had one guy show up and make an account just to vote & comment on ours, so clearly it is a thing that happens. But there was a LOT of them on your game, many all on the same day as well. And it's not just you, there are a few other games with weirdly high number of votes where several comments came from newly created accounts. Whether they are dummy accounts or legit (a bizarrely high number of) friends/family coming in to support them you can't blame people who just submitted a game and voted on others for not being keen on that.

Anyway, I've said my piece. Nothing personal. I think in the future people should have to have submitted their own game to vote because it's too easily messed with, whether they are dummy accounts or not.

Like others here, I'm glad that YYG/Opera will be deciding the final ones.

You're welcome! Thanks for making it! I hope the article on there helps a bunch!

Thanks for the clarification! Bumped my 'theme' rating up by an extra star.

Great visuals! Loved the character design and animation. A lot of fun for such a short dev cycle. Like others I would have liked some sound, but I understand these jams don't give us a lot of time! The vertical camera was pretty dizzying to me. Instead of having a vertical chase-cam, try having a 'safe zone' in the middle third of the screen, look up "Scroll Back" on Gamasutra for a great explanation of this. Not sure quite how the theme fits in other than the glowy blood stuff. Nice work though!

Cute character, and well programmed! I feel like maybe it doesn't really follow the theme? But It's cute.

This is awesome!! Great job and I hope you get to finish it some day.

Great job! I like the idea, and I like how you took negative experiences in your life and created something with it. It's always good to channel those feelings into art. I found the game quite frustrating, but I kinda think that's the point, isn't it? So I'm not sure how to vote on the "Fun" category... But nice work, and I'm sorry you go through anxiety, but thank you for sharing your experience in game form. All the best, friend, and I hope you stay strong.

Love Fairy Llama and hope to see them again! I felt like I could have done with some indication that I had successfully passed through a ring/square, like a sound or effect because of the perspective etc. and sometimes one of the "rings" would appear off screen, but I understand because we have so little time to make these Jam games. Great fun! Thank you!

Love the character design, sprite, walk cycle, and idea! I found it hard to tell where I was with the almost-static parallax layer and the camera, and I got kinda lost, but I like where this is going! Would love to see if you ever take it beyond the jam!

AWESOME looking! I found it a little hard to see where I was going, but great stuff!

Hello! I did the sound and music, Sam Beddoes, credited as Lead Designer.

Thanks for sharing! In answer to your question in the video, the game was originally released in 2012 on mobile, the PC port was made and released on Itch in 2021.