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Franklin's Ghost

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Sorry about that but thanks for letting me know. Not sure why it's not working. I've just tried it on five different computers and haven't had any white screen issues so I'm going to have to look into it further.  Hopefully I can find a solution as I'd like people to be able to try my games.

Thank you so much, that's really nice to hear.

Thanks for playing and that's such a great idea about the right click button. I've just implemented it into the game and will upload it once the jam finishes. 


Thanks and yep, feels good to start the year with calling this done.

Thanks so much, that's really nice to hear. Just downloaded your game and looking forward to giving it a go.

Thanks so much for checking out my little entry.  Always enjoy seeing your videos so it's nice to see one of my entries in one :)

Really nice atmosphere which worked well with the clean design.

Congrats on finishing your first game, impressive for a first effort. Liked how you had to maintain the light while also trying to control your jumps and progess.

The movement of the square was surprisingly satisfying. Impressed out how nice it felt to move around and just explore the sphere world. The shine on the objects also looked great, liked the shine and reflection on the gold square especially.

Interesting text and liked the way more colours were brought in as you played.

Not sure I was playing it right but definitely had a gameboy vibe with the pixelated font and colour choice.

Liked the way you brought across the fear and nervousness of sitting in that room waiting for something predictable to occur.

Liked the way the artwork would change as you pressed x, made some interesting patterns.

This was so frustrating but I couldn't stop until I'd gotten the stapler off my back. Best time I got was 2:22seconds so nicely done.

Interesting use of wingdings and liked how as a player you start creating your own story to what each symbol means and what is occurring.

Loved the rotoscoped art style, thought it was nicely done and always like seeing other people using the technique. The camera movement also worked well, liked how it smoothly moved back into position.

Liked the controls and was interesting to play with the elevator movement to control who you'd end up in the elevator with. The random game ideas were also a nice touch.

Second game I've played that used this game idea and it's nice to see such different takes on it. Liked the way the flowers created patterns on the ground.

Liked how you used the simple gameplay to focus on the issue of depression. The screen dimensions also worked really well in this context.

Really enjoyed the aesthetics of this and the ending was nicely done. Loved the "landscape" design.

Definitely got across the zen feeling, was quite peaceful clearing out the garden and thought the simple design worked really well in conveying the feeling across.

Liked the character design and the way the other character just sat there watching. Also music worked well with the overall gameplay.

Liked the simple mechanics which made it interesting to control and see how long I could go without running into one of the other trails.

All I can say is multi track drifting for the win. Hilarious.

Interesting take on chess. Like that your were thinking about how to get taken out rather then how to attack.

Liked the way you could choose the different ideas but couldn't figure out if you could go back once you'd selected one so had to restart to try the other idea. The rapidly press x idea was nicely designed and liked the way it reacted depending how much you pressed it.

Enjoyed the text descriptions, thought it was well written.

Scene layout was interesting. Liked how the big sword was used and moving the camera around to try and figure out what everything else was lying around.

Liked the pulsing walls, was actually quite calming to watch them move in and out.

Had to play it by myself but enjoyed just trying to coordinate myself enough to control both at once. Liked the different coloured patterns you end up with.

Such a great entry, the toast design was nice and gave them a lot of personality. Liked how you had to combine the different moves to make it further and the checkpoints were also a nice touch to help with failing.

Liked the way you had to press the keys in the specific order to restart. Also first time I saw a zombie was when it came from behind me and surprised me, catching me off guard.

Liked how you used two ideas and thought the game was cleverly done with having to control when you stop rather then just running.

Liked the voiceover, thought it was nicely done and the decision results were interesting. That power source at the end was definitely a surprise.

Haven't played angry birds in years but thought this was nicely done and the level progression was well paced.

Quite a full on game and was an interesting take on the game idea.

Works well in getting the game idea across.

The character decay was nicely done, liked the pixelated style and thought it worked well at getting across the game idea.