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Keep the ball in the air!
Submitted by TomR — 6 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Most Balls#33.3333.333
I Would Play This Sport In Real Life#83.0003.000
Best Game that doesn't mention COVID-19#103.1113.111
Game Most Likely To Please Tom Hanks#132.5562.556

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Briefly explain your use of the theme
Hack Sack is on the Sports 2 channel, it is a secondary sport.

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My top score is 42! That makes me the most qualified to say that, just like real hacky sack, possibly the idea of it is more fun than the actual playing. Generally you know what you want to do, but, translating that from mouse control to foot to ball is a tricky proposition. Perhaps gamifying the experience more would yield more enjoyment, such as hinting you towards/predicting where the sack will be landing (ballistic trajectory, after all, humans are good at those!), & offering like 'after touch' or a slow motion to allow for more control in tricky situations to recover. Having to hack your sack at something in particular, hoops for points, or enemies, or whichever might yield greater joys, too. Still, fun for a hot minute as is, though!


[x/p from thread] Neat, I thought this was one of the funnier ideas I saw in development.  No nostalgia veneer here, this is straight-up grungy hacky sack.  I did think it was going to be a bit more QWOP-y or at least... wacky?  Grotesque?  I was thrilled when I saw it was updated to add team mode, I always love that extra effort.  Oh, I think it may be a bit too incentivized for playing too safely, maybe a target mode or some bonuses for wacky shots would've helped with that.


I was thinking of adding a mode that adds going for height. It's hard to catch the ball when it goes really high. Maybe a multiplier or something like that.


Enjoyed playing this one and had a top score of 15 which I was pretty happy with. Could have got higher with smaller kicks but where's the fun in that :) might be a good idea to have a height limit that stops it counting if it is a really small movement so that the player does have to kick it over a certain height. Also a arrow on the top of the screen that moves depending on where the ball is coming down would help anticipate the ball a bit better. 

Liked that you could play in a team also and might be nice if it bounced off the side of the walls so that it never actually went out and you could do some big hits across the screen to the other players.

The player position and movement was also great and kept me playing trying to beat my top score.


Just like in real life, I suck at Hackey Sack.  Combine that with the high volumed "Boooooos" that went along with my terrible play (highscore of 4 - and I was really trying) and I now have to sit in a corner and re-evaluate my life choices.  The team play was fun, although I was not faring any better in this mode.  

Please take the following as constructive and positive feedback (as I really enjoyed your game).  It would have been nice to have a slider for mouse sensitivity.  The force that gets added to the ball could have been a tad lower (or maybe as an easy mode).  Alternatively playing around with the physics materials on the ball/foot could have made it more accessible to players that were struggling (which I def was).  Also it would have been easier to see the ball before it starts dropping, so that you were better prepared for the 1st kick (which is usually the one I launched to high - kind jerked in anticipation of where it was going to fall).   The sound levels were rough on headphones and I had to turn the volume waaayy down.  The modeling and graphics were great and the movement on the leg was funny.  

Thanks for making this.  It was fun.