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Sports in Space
Submitted by rozisdead (@dupersaurus) — 1 hour, 55 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Game that doesn't mention COVID-19#14.3334.333
Most Balls#33.3333.333
I Would Play This Sport In Real Life#33.6673.667
Game Most Likely To Please Tom Hanks#73.0003.000

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Briefly explain your use of the theme
Forced from Earth, Man had to reinvent Sports for life in space. Spacesportsball, or Sports 2, is a game made for zero-gee, zero-atmo, and amongst evil anti-Sports aliens.

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What a juicy game! I have no idea how to defend the goal! I liked this a lot but I often felt like my true enemy was the controls. I feel like the space to shoot mechanic maybe should also function as a 'momentum dump' button so you can just stop or exchange your speed into the ball or something, because it was really easy to just, not put in the exact right amount of fine control. The racing seemed like it would be exciting but really it just felt punishing? Some fine tuning and I'd probably play this game for hours!

[x/p from thread] This one has good juice and timing to it (it's a funny game!), and I love that minimal style.  Also, a ton of modes here which I find really impressive.  It's just downright fun whipping around a space capsule.  I did have issues with the controls, besides the gamepad not working I did seem to have some key ignoring even w/o holding too many keys (same with the kickoff, could've been timed cleaner).  I think the mass of the space capsule is just too much and that especially becomes clear when you botch a slalom, maybe for more wacky hijinks the charge shot could've been a counter-thruster?  It doesn't really feel like a team game but it's still cool there's different enemy types and all.  And while I did like the graphics the font is a bit hard to read.  But besides my griping it really is a fun, juicy little game!


Had fun playing this, liked the way asteroids look to the game and the way you were able to make it into a sports game. Had the same issue with the fourth level of running into the asteroid and ball getting stuck.

Controls took some getting used to and would have been nice if you could also use the arrows keys to navigate also. 

Liked the variety you were able to get into the game. Made playing and trying all the different options really fun.


I like asteroids, so appreciate the aesthetics of  this.  The juice was nice (liked the particle effects and the screen shake - especially on the fonts).  However the sound level was way out (maybe give people a heads-up if they are using earphones).  On the fourth level, I picked up the ball and flew into the asteroid to see if that would smash it.  Unfortunately I still died (which was fine), but the ball also got stuck inside the asteroid, which meant that I had no way to complete the stage.  The sound also then kept looping even after I restarted from the 1st level (stage 4's sound was still playing).  It would have been cool if you restarted from the level you were busy with instead of having to restart them all over again. Please take all of this as constructive feedback, as I did enjoy the premise of the game and there is fun to be had here.  Controls were tight. Nice job 


Thanks for the bug report, and glad you enjoyed it when it worked!


I can't seem to get past the menu screen on the Windows version. I can move the cursor with the d-pad or analog stick but nothing else works, nor do any keyboard controls. :(


Thanks for the report. It looks like to use keyboard you might have to unplug any other controllers; the input system seems to be preferring controllers over the keyboard (at least that's what I just had to do)


That worked, and I'm glad it did! This is a great game!