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Then this plugin should work for you! I believe some of the other ones I mentioned also have 3.x versions, so if you have a specific use case in mind, those might still be worth checking out, too!

If I remember right, it was written for 3.4 but works in 3.5 as well.

There are no plans for a 4.x release right now, as I've found that Godot Dialogue Manager and Beehave both cover the original use cases I made this plugin for, so I highly recommend one or both of those if you want something like this in 4.x. I've also discovered Cognite and Godot Orchestrator as more general purpose visual scripting tools like this is, but I can't vouch for them as I have not personally used them.

I enjoyed this greatly, and it was also a fun reminder that I should never take up gambling, because I would simultaneously get addicted and also be very very bad at it.

A fellow Godot-er! It's great to see more games being made with Godot! And if this was done in just half a week, I look forward to seeing what you can do with even more time!

Thank you! I didn't get to show off the status effects too much in this demo but that wind resistance will definitely matter eventually! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Very fun! Made it to 304. I don't think I was ever close to running out the timer, but the stress of knowing there was a timer made it harder to focus, leading to my eventual death.

I loved this little prototype. Very fun to play and explore. I want to pick up everything with magic now.

I loved this! There's a ton of potential with this and I hope you continue building off this prototype!

I will miss the Game Boy style too; I'm still contemplating adding an option to switch between the two, but that'll come way later.

Switching engines is tough but definitely educational, and so far, definitely worth it!

Mamma mia, I love it.

The Linux version doesn't seem to work! Got this error:

ERROR: Pack created with a newer version of the engine: 3.5.

   at: try_open_pack (core/io/file_access_pack.cpp:180)

Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?

If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension).

This was great! A lot of "die fast, die often" games have a problem where it takes too long to go from losing to restarting, but the flow of this game was perfect! Got a high score of 351 for now!

This was fun! Got a high score of 56. Slow at first but once you get the hang of the aiming and you get longer it gets wild!

Grappling mechanics always seem like they're hard to make and even harder to make fun, but this was a hoot! They need to have Rolli Wars competitions at all the big esports events now.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! And that's a good idea; I think I probably wrote "morse" in there a few times, but got inconsistent with it and then settled for "type" thinking it would be less confusing, but I think that was the wrong call!

Godot 3.5! All the source code is on GitHub, but after seeing the release notes for Godot 4 Beta 6, I think I'm gonna finally migrate to Godot 4 now. I wouldn't be able to game jam as efficiently as I have been if I were still using Unity, so if anyone reading this thread isn't sure what engine they should try out next, I strongly recommend Godot!

Thank you! Sometimes a crew's gotta die so that you may live! Morse on!

Thank you!

This was fun! It would have been nice if it was more colorblind-friendly, though - perhaps using different shapes in addition to colors for the different power-ups!

only 23 for me :(

This was fun! Sadly I have no rhythm so I died on the second floor.

This was fun! Simple but challenging! Current high score is 72!

This makes me nostalgic for the days where short fun well polished games like these were the norm. Nowadays most games like this on a phone's app store would look significantly worse, play some several unskippable ads every time you lose, connected to fake "online" leaderboards, and be riddled with microtransactions for powerups. But this? It's like I'm in the golden age of flash games again!

Current High Score: 5150

That was a hoot! Got a high score of 38 so far!

Love to run, jump, and get electrocuted! Where's everyone posting their high scores? My best is 53 on hard mode!

Couldn't beat 13 seconds. This was a fun challenge!

Some of the spikes were a bit finicky, but I had fun! Where we all posting our high scores at? I missed the high score screen a few times because I hit space too quickly, but my highest confirmed score is 150!

I had a good time! Only thing I didn't like was the fact that I couldn't choose which direction I'd go when I switched sides, which made things a bit too dependent on whether the Random Number Generator was on my side. Anyway, where we all posting our scores? My high score is 5 - 42; not sure what the first (yellow) number represents though!

I love it! The RNG is the real enemy, as with all classic arcade games, but it's fun to see how far you can get before the numbers betray you!

Where's everybody posting their high scores? My record score now is 207 and record time is 2:12!

Excellent game! Once I got the hang of using one button for everything it was very fun!

Thank you! The game is sometimes forgiving of typos, and if you accidentally start typing the wrong letter you can just mash a button a few times until it becomes an unrecognized code and essentially cancel out the current letter, but sadly the backspace wasn't invented until a few years after this war ended.

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for hosting such a fun jam!

I think I've seen a few Godot Plugin collections circling around recently, too! Might be easier to start with one of those and then add any other cool ones you find!

This educational game about beekeeping in ancient Egypt does support customizable controls and any gamepad supported by your browser's Gamepad API. I have not tested with a Guitar Hero controller, so I cannot say for certain.

However, early guitars date back to roughly the 12th century in Europe, and while their exact history is not entirely known, it is safe to say that a guitar would be a historically inaccurate instrument to be strolling through ancient Egypt with. If you've got a Lute Hero controller, that should work, though.

Thank you! I mostly just read through everything on and tried implementing what I could. That site is an amazing resource.

I've been working on an Accessibility Suite for Godot that addresses some of the points mentioned in this thread; a custom is_action_just_pressed function includes a customizable delay, so a player with hand tremors who might accidentally press the same button multiple times in a short time period will only register as the one original intended press. There's also functionality to convert button holds to toggles; so if your game normally requires players hold down a button/key to crouch, for example, you can easily surface an option to allow players to press the button once to crouch, and a second time to stop crouching. If any Godot devs are participating in this jam, hopefully one of them can find this useful!

I don't think I'll have time to participate in this jam, but I'll definitely be monitoring it to learn what other ways us developers can work to make games more accessible for everyone.

Thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

The final boss was definitely the highlight for me, too. Thank you for the shout out to the accessibility add-on! I hope to continue expanding it and making it more helpful for Godot devs everywhere!

Sounds like I need to play Turok!

Thank you! I was inspired solely by our amazing theme image. Looking at it, all I could think of was Dr. Robotnik and the cover art to System Shock. And it escalated from there.

I couldn't find any stock photos of Sonic, sadly, but since it's first person, no one can prove that you're NOT playing as Sonic! 😎

Of course! I played through to the end/start! I had a lot of fun! :)