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Agreed! I'm glad it had such a successful run on the Wii U, but it seems for the time being we're PC exclusive!

If it was removed, it's certainly news to me! But I just checked the old eShop link I had ( and it looks like it's erroring out, so I guess it's no longer available on the Wii U! My apologies! 

Hello! Thank you for catching this; it does appear to be down right now. Not sure what's causing that, but I'll take a look soon and let you know when it's fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Excellent game! I could (and most likely will) play this for hours!

Blockara community · Posted in Bug

Hi Justin, there are indeed some issues with Blockara on Macs. There is an approximate compatibility table in the System Requirements section on the game page; but during development we didn't have access to many Macs to iron out all the bugs. Sorry about that; hope you don't mind playing in windowed mode, and I hope you enjoy the game! Thank you for giving it a chance! :)

Thank you! I agree; I definitely would have wanted to balance the difficulty and such a lot more if I had more time. Most of the audio is generated on-the-fly with a speech engine I didn't make, so I'll just blame that for any and all audio issues 😅.

Sports 2 is slightly less confusing than regular sports, but don't worry, Sports 3 will be twice as confusing as regular sports!

Thank you! There's definitely a steep learning curve; which I've realized is a trend in a lot of the games I make. I think this means I need to get better at making tutorials! :P

Always Slam Dunk.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you; I'm glad you liked it! The gameplay is definitely confusing, I'll admit. If I had more time I might have added more fleshed out instructions or a tutorial. But for now, I'm gonna go with what you said: "figuring out what's going on is part of the fun!" Or perhaps this game from the year 2992 is just too advanced for us 2020 players!

That worked, and I'm glad it did! This is a great game!

From one John Madden to another: football.!

I can't seem to get past the menu screen on the Windows version. I can move the cursor with the d-pad or analog stick but nothing else works, nor do any keyboard controls. :(

Thank you!

Thank you! Bees are all the rage these days.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! By the time I was down to the final hours of being awake, I had to choose between music and actually making the game part of the game (most of my time had been spent writing and getting graphics and such working right) so I sadly had to skip music. Next time, though, I will budget my time better!

Thank you! Great minds think alike after all, and great minds also have their funeral processions... in space!

If I had another hour or two I definitely would have slapped in some church organ music or something to complete everything. That and an actual transition, of course. Probably an old school Batman-style transition.

Spacespace is where it's at!

Thank you! I ended up not having time to program an actual transition effect... so the jump cut had to do!

Thanks for playing! The music and voice acting really enhanced everything, as did the record scratch! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and congrats on finding a game-breaking bug! I thought I had cleared all of those out, but one always sneaks through!

I don't think I'm capable of doing that. But I'm going to make all of my friends play this game and surely one of them will master it!

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Highest score is 6073 6560. This brings back memories of snaking in Mario Kart DS.

Didn't die once! I'm winner! Bonus points awarded for successfully making something in pygame.


woo-WOOOOO! hello from the top!


Amazing game! I love it! I'm gonna get to the top of the leaderboards soon!

Is something supposed to happen after you defeat the shadowy figure?

The fact that grenades can bump into each other is a very nice touch.

Excellent news! I'm glad that was the answer because I am too tired to even Find and Replace at this point.

Are there any restrictions on using potty words like "damn" and "shit" or maybe even "fuck"?

I remember your Miiverse posts! They were always good to see! Thank you for your kind words! 😄

Since you already own the Wii U version, you don't need to buy the PC version! Send a message on Twitter or an email to and I can send you a free download key!

That was souper fun!

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Yes good I slimed. 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5

you done a good sliming for the good slime

Kelly really likes the slime crab

Slime time!!