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ha! I knew this was made by you from the first screenshot I saw! This style is so inspiring!

Dogurai community · Created a new topic Good Game

Hey hi, 

I just wanted to say that I really liked this game. Very cool! If that game was released back in 1998 for the gameboy everyone at school would have been crazy for it! 

thank you!

the music makes this into a full experience! well done!

Thanks for the clarification! And of course for the bug fix! 

Maybe I should have been clearer that what I said were really only guesses depending on what I observed happening. I had and have absolutley no idea whats going on with all this. I'm not a native english speaker and I thought using "It seems like" would make that clear. I didn't want to spread misinformation. But I wanted to pass along everything I observed to make it as easy as possible to track down the real bug.

(1 edit)

GameMakerStudio HTML5 module does not work with the newest GMLiveForGMS2.3+

If you try to run a project with obj_gmlive #macro live_enabled 1 you'll find 

Uncaught ReferenceError: GameMaker_Init is not defined at index.html:83

in the browser console or something similar.

It seems like some unused variables are treated as syntax errors and that the HTML5 compiler is complaining about them.

I didn't try yet to simply use those variables for something non-sensical just so the compiler is fine with it. I'll update as soon as I can.

Until then someone else proposed to simply replace the #macro live_enabled 1 in obj_gmlives create event with #macro live_enabled browser_not_a_browser. This way you can at least use it in the project, build everything using GMLive and then simply test it on the target platform.

Looks very cool! I will give it a try!


what an amazing game! 

I'm emotionally not mature enough to simply move past this XD

haha ; )

It definitely seems kinda random... The comments were invaluable to me - so it absolutely was a worthwhile experience, but I played about 50 games and there were about 5-6 games that were hands down the best. No questions asked.  Then there was a huuuuuge gap in quality, idea, and execution and then followed all the other entries. For example Purple Desert, Lucent Depths and Neon Nightmare are all absolutley breathtaking showcases of what can be achieved in two weeks with game maker but oh well... maybe I should just randomly post my top 10 entries in some random forum. I mean these titles deserve it so much better!

OOhhhh, I get it! The sections are switched XD  Thanks so much! That's a relief!

Hi everyone,

I wish I could be more positive and just enjoy life after the results came in, but please can someone explain me this? Purple Desert should clearly be higher ranked than my game - and not only I think so; it seems like the overall rating also thinks so! What's going on? Among the other revelation that there are probably some cheaters  in there this kind of stuff is kinda upsetting for me! 

It's all shaders and I'd like to say a somewhat decent art direction. I'm no pixel artist so I won't try to do that but I know basic color theory so I trust in my ability to judge what's looking appealing at least in that regard. But mostly just shaders. Oh, and maybe you didn't realize but my shaders are also not working properly - I just worked on them until the mistakes are less noticeable XD. Seriously shaders are tricky at first don't let that keep you from learning them. Xor has some of the best game maker shader introduction tutorials out there . He's just great! And I also liked this video series a lot 

Oh and just look at other people's code. If I recall correctly there should be some free shaders on the gm marketplace to download! Hope that helps!

Yeah, I was in a state of total horror when I realized that I forgot to return the controls to their usual state XD In the extended version that should already have been fixed :D

I loved that you can walk on the font! XD But it was way too hard for me, you are jumping so fast that you basically have no time to react or adjust at all!

I really liked the idea. It's always cool to play around with time in a video game but for me, it wasn't really fun because everything else had to stop. So at times, it felt like the main mechanic was literally keeping me from playing the game. Waiting gets tedious very quickly. Maybe it wouldn't work with some puzzles if you could move but I think it would have resulted in a much better overall experience. And sometimes platforms would move out of view, which feels super awkward. 

Super cool! I wish I wouldn't suck at rhythm games! XD

Thanks for your feedback! You already got to the last level! : D I made it like a test of all the abilities of the levels before combined but I wanted the player to succeed! So this feedback is super valuable to me!

I really like the story interweaving with the gameplay, but damn, this platforming is haaard :D

really cool game but I somehow felt like the hurtboxes were too big, but I'm not good at these games anyway XD Great entry!

Very relaxing game - even though I always felt stressed because of the shrinking ball XD

such a juicy platformer! felt really fast and really really good to control but the level design was super frustrating. I guess that was because of the jam time limit? Would love to see this character in a level that feels as good to play as right now just to control the character already feels!

Too bad this game wasn't finished! The artwork looked absolutely amazing!

Wow, super polished looking game! And a really cool interpretation of the theme!

I was super surprised by how good the controls with the mouse actually felt! Very nice job!

This is so intriguing. Is that a Mode7 effect or what did you use? I really like the art style!

Please support a gamepad or multiple key control layouts - I thought this entry looked really interesting but I couldn't really play it with that control scheme. Maybe it's just me but I was feeling like I need to break my fingers just for a simple dash. Apart from that just like I said: looks super interesting!  

Such a cool idea! Makes me really feel like standing in front of an arcade machine! And that soundtrack is so sweet! Congratz!

Such a charming game!

Such a nice relaxing game! Really didn't expect that with the neon theme. Well done!

Thanks so much! The level design was super important to me!

Thanks, that feedback is super useful to me! The rule is that you always get back the double jump as soon as you touch a solid surface, but the truth is I completely overlooked that fact; it never does gets "explained" in any level!

yeah, I realized it but didn't have any time left for another build XD 

the extended versions are already fixed!

Please keep on working on this! This so cool!

This game oozes style! Great entry!

This reminded me quite a bit of teleglitch! I really liked how the neon theme was an actual part of the gameplay design!

Really nice title! What I enjoyed the most about it was the savepoint system: For me, it was so spot on! Respawn was close but never too close. It really allowed the game to have an actual difficulty curve without ever getting frustrating which is really rare for a jam game! Well done!