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The Forbidden Spider

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I would say yes, just watch some youtube videos on how to make widgets with buttons and how to use booleans and that’s pretty much all the info you need

I made a clicker game on unreal engine and it was pretty easy to make (I just used widgits and widgit switchers and buttons that took you to different pages). I didn't upload it on here but it was pretty well developed and fun. One suggestion though is make sure your clicker game works in browser because clicker games are usually more popular in browser where they can be played right away. Research which versions of unreal or unity allow to package for html ( I didn't and my unreal 4.26 couldn't upload to html and that's why I didn't publish my clicker game). Good luck and welcome to game developing!

Hey i'm Antz I am an independent game developer with 2 years of experience in Unreal Engine. I produce my own beats using garage band and I also enjoy using pixilart for artwork (I used pixilart for all my sprites in my game). My released game is " The Forbidden Web "                                  (Click here -> if you want to try it) It is a 2D platformer game with all self made music and self made characters/ animations/ levels etc. I would say 2D animations has been the hardest part because of all the redesigning over 1 wrong pixel.

Fun game, nice work. On thing I noticed though is that it seemed extra zoomed in (i'm playing on pc I assume it's made for mobile).

Is "impossible" truly impossible? Nice work.

goldFish gotta go fast

Cool game, very addicting

I got a lot of undertale vibes playing this. Great work

Very cool game. Great graphics and controls and really well done on making it scary.


If you made a 2 player version I can see this being very fun.

Fantastic game all around lol. It looks so ridiculous that its actually really addicting.  

Pretty fun, once I got used to the controls I enjoyed it. One suggestion though would be to make it so there's more friction between the ground and Sonic's momentum. Ground seemed to have icy physics. Nice work though!

Pretty fun, I look forward to future updates. There were some bugs I noticed like in the second level the poison didn't kill me. Good luck

Pretty fun and simple, nice work. Only thing I'd recommend is in a future build I would add some kind of death animation before the reset. 

Thank you I greatly appreciate the feedback! What you said makes total sense 

I published my game a few days ago and was advertising it on many different social media apps and so far only got a handful of downloads so i’m wondering what are the most efficient and preferably free ways to market an independent game to a wide audience?

This is my game

Pretty fun, only thing i’d recommend is faster movement speed

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Welcome to The Forbidden Web! It’s a 2D single player platformer where you play as a spider and you have to navigate unique and treacherous levels searching for the goal. 

This is currently a free game, but it won’t stay free forever so download now!

 After you download it, tell me about your experience with the game and if you managed to get all the coins in the comments below.

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game!