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Hey there, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Right now, the Korean version is not publicly available. I'm planning on doing an update soon so I should be able to put the Korean language version up as a separate download then. It isn't completely translated, however, it only includes the parts that were translated for the event demo.

Hey I'm glad you liked it! We're looking forward to seeing the future of WaveCrash!! as well!

Sorry about that, the most recent build was accidentally hidden, it should be good now.

I'm not sure. WaveCrash!! is developed in Unity and has not been tested on Wine so it should work as well as any other Unity3D game. Can you play other Unity games in Wine?

So I have a few ideas. If this is too much, let me know and I can pare it down to my favorite.

Themes Related to the "Motor" in Motor City

Replaceable Parts

Internal Combustion

Man vs. Machine

Phrase Themes

Which way is up?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Raise the stakes

You can also find a random theme generator based on previous Ludum Dare suggestions here:

There are no plans for a Linux port right now, but I would not rule it out for the future. I will let you know if we go ahead with it.