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I can't approve more on this.

Having a list of target retail price (inc. VAT where required) per country should be the way to go.

Hey Ryan,

Damn, we thought this bug to be long gone. It's a bug related to Mac OS only. We'll investigate.

Playing with a controller will do the trick while we work on this.

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Uh oh,

This is the topic to discuss issues like bugs or gameplay problems.

Here's a list of known issues:

  • Some labels are wrong or misplaced
  • Keyboard controls may get buggy if you rebind anything to directional arrows
  • Conditions to unlock the escape elevator are not obvious (you have to KO all retirees, none shall be up)
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Hey there!

Here's where to post if your game or editor has crashed.

They both have an internal mechanism that automatically sends us a crash report (anonymously). Hence, chances are that we are already aware of your crash, but sharing more context about it always helps a lot, so please be as descriptive as possible. :) 

If you were offline when it crashed (or configured your firewall to prevent the game from sending stuff, which is fine), we would appreciate that you manually share your crash.log (or editor_crash.log) file contents here.

This file can be found here:

  • Windows: "%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Flying Oak Games/Boo! Greedy Kid"
  • OS X: "~/Library/Application Support/Flying Oak Games/Boo! Greedy Kid"
  • Linux: "~/.greedykid"

Thank you for helping us getting the game as stable as possible!

Hey there,

Welcome! Feel free to post anything related to the game, we particularly enjoy having feedback of all sort, being good or bad.


Sounds awesome! We'll give it a try in the coming days, automation all the way!

Hello fellow Voiders!

Welcome to the NeuroVoider Community!

We are Florian & Thomas, the developers of the game. If you have any questions, feedback or bug report, feel free to post them on this discussion board.

NeuroVoider is still in development, you can expect a lot of improvements until its final release schedule mid-summer. If you wish to know where the game is going, you can browse through our roadmap or see our progress in real time via our Trello board.