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Futuristic twin-stick shooter RPG with tons of loot and procedural content. · By Flying Oak Games, nosifone

Welcome to the NeuroVoider Community! Sticky

A topic by Flying Oak Games created Mar 21, 2016 Views: 506 Replies: 1
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Hello fellow Voiders!

Welcome to the NeuroVoider Community!

We are Florian & Thomas, the developers of the game. If you have any questions, feedback or bug report, feel free to post them on this discussion board.

NeuroVoider is still in development, you can expect a lot of improvements until its final release schedule mid-summer. If you wish to know where the game is going, you can browse through our roadmap or see our progress in real time via our Trello board.

This game looks soooooooo good! Congratz!