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I tried the same thing and found the same issue, but you can still do it with a well-timed jump and groundpound

The camera needs some work but the movement feels really good!

Fun game but also really hard

Beautiful game

Nice concept although I feel like I have too little control over the Gimbal

switching between shooting and the shield is fun

Great idea and nice presentation!

Amazing twist on the theme and very fun too!

amazing idea and presentation, wish it fit the theme better

very nice presentation and idea

great idea but the green gem makes it too easy

very fun and amazing presentation

Amazing idea and really nice graphics and music but it's so hard

I really like it! My only complaint is that it's too easy to get stuck on walls and other stuff

Interesting idea but it's so hard >_<

Very nice and relaxing, although I find the controls a bit too complicated

Very cool game and idea but controllers are a bit janky

Interesting game but it's confusing at first

It gives me a 404 error :/

Controls are a bit janky but otherwise it's a really cool game!

The game is stuck zoomed in on the upper-left corner of the screen for me

Very cool idea but the cat AI can be annoying

Thank you ^^ just changed the open level btw

This tool is great for making music but the instruments that come with it can be a bit limiting, as is if you want to use instruments other than the default ones you have to export your song as midi and import on some other tool, which is a tedious process and can be unintuitive (which defeats the purpose of something like 1bitdragon), so would it be possible to add the option of using external sounds for making songs?