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Fiery Griffin

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Your game is wonderful. It has a story, vibrant graphics, beautiful background music and lovely gameplay.

I am going to check your game out. Rate mine and give me feedback please.

Swaping "Start" and "Quit" was nice though I wish it was clarified on the start menu as a side note or something. The art was a bit blurry. Regardless I liked the game and the way you made everything a lie. Nice work :)

I'm going to check out your game now. If you can please check mine out

The lie dectector screen was a great idea. The game is really interesting. Perhaps later you can add more levels and different ideas. Nice work. Please if you have the time rate my game also :)

I didn't understand much at first until I checked here what to do. After that I really enjoyed the game. Nice work. If you can please rate my game :)

I like your game mechanics. Running along walls and reality switching are wonderful ideas to implement in the game. If you can please check out my game :)

I really like your game a lot. The music and art are well are also really nice. The idea of using virus to match the game jam theme was good but wasn't strong enough. I still really liked the game. If you have the time please also check out my game.

I cannot believe the similarities between our games  in fact we even named it the same thing. The again Cube Wars isn't really an original name. Anyway I liked your game. And if you would like you could also check out mine. :)

No problem. I'll rate your game once I'm home. Please play my game and leave a comment :)

Check my game please. I'll rate yours as soon as I'm home.

You're game looks interesting... I'll rate and comment on it. In the meantime please try out my game

Here is mine. :)

Please play my game. I want feedback so that I can improve it later.

Please play the game and give me ideas for improvements

Heres mine hope you like it :)

Here's my game. Hope you like and rate it

The idea you guys had behind the theme was wonderful. The game is hard though. Despite that your game is nice. You guys taught me almost everything I know in game making. You guys rock;)

Your graphics are beautiful. The character's animation is really nice and funny. His running looks hilarious to me. I would have preferred though if they were checkpoints. It's really frustrating starting all the way from the beginning. Regardless the game is still really nice ;)

Your game is really nice. I like the narrator's voice.

I loved your game. A bit hard thought. Your art style is simple and lovely :)

My first jam. Hope you guys like it

Hope you like my game

I'm new to game making. And this is my first game ever. I'm so excited to have joined the game jam. Play my game and please rate me.