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Very fun and good idea. Having the dodge and reroll be the same action is a bold choice, it give a pretty unique flow to the game.

It's a bit frustrating getting stuck with none of the numbers you need, but it's the sort of game where that frustration is part of the fun.

I love the way you visualize the variables, it's very clear and a good tool to teach how the 3C works.

very fun game. It's an interesting way to fight, not often used by game designers.

Thanks for the review. 

Yeah, enemy diversity is lacking as of now, I made it so it was quick to implement but it really needs improvement. I've been thinking of some different enemies types and now that I've figured an efficient way to make attacks, I think I'll be able to do it much better. 

For the controls, I thought adding two new buttons for up and down would be overwhelming, but that is actually not a bad idea... I'll have to make some tests.

Cool to see your production process.

I loved playing it and think it's one of the best game of the jam.

I'm glad you liked it.

I'm surprised how much peoples enjoy destroying the building, but if anything that means I need to expand on it. Altho I feel this is a total reversal of the role, with the players trying to destroy the city instead of saving it... I'm gonna see what I can do XD.

And yeah, I do intend to continue it. I'm planning some more updates this month, and to regularly come back to it. I'll add some story bit at some point, altho not this month.

Thanks for your review. I'm glad that even with all its problems there was parts you found interesting. 

I do intend to polish this further, including the point you raised up. The combat and controls are in the highest priority, since a lot of peoples have mentioned it.

Yes, Aim and combat are things a lot of peoples pointed issues on, so I'm mostly gonna focus on that after the jam. I'm probably gonna change the combat to be more ranged with more automated targeting to lighten the burden of aim on the player. 

But I'm glad you enjoyed the destruction of buildings, that's what I spent the most time on XD.

I loved it. 

The combat is extremely well made, with a perfect blend of complexity and reactivity. It's polished enough that I always felt I made the mistake when I died, and that it was never a design problem. 

I also really liked the art and the music, they fit very well with the game style and the characters.

If it get some update I'll definitively look it up.

ooh, thanks for this feedback.

How do you think the flight could be made more flight-like? Less acceleration and more inertia?

For the combat, I get from other feedback that I really need to increase the hit reaction of the enemy and make the windup of their attack longer. I didn't think of putting a ranged attack for now, but I think that's a good idea and could replace the basic attack, since I get the impression a lot of my bugs come from it. Tho I'd have to find something in the theme of the MG.

no problem, my second try was a quick win. That happen in card games I guess.

The first game took me like half an hour so I thought this was just a battle game with a magical girl. It's only when reading the other's comments I realized there were abilities later (does that make us a cheater for using magic in a card game?)

The abilities change the flow of the game completely, and since this isn't multiplayer they just make it less frustrating. 

also, the arts and music were nice.

pretty fun, I spent more time on it than I expected.

Thanks for this review...

Damn, I really shouldn't have forgotten keyboard layout. Will definitively think about that next time.

Yes, for the aiming I think everyone who tested it agree it's not enough. The auto targeting system take a too small area, I should make it much larger and give an indicator so the player knows who they're aiming. As for the teleporting, that's a visual effect I didn't manage to make work properly, normally the base attack pull the player toward the enemy, but it's happening too fast. It's one of the things I need to fix.

Very cool game. I'm a big fan of wall jump and platformer combat, and the boss fights are really good take on it. It's very well done. The art is also very cool, and the music was nice.

The only real complaint I have is that I feel the control are slightly slippery.

definitively gonna play it again.

Quite enjoyable. 

The addition of one height layer add a lot to combat. The only complaint I have on that front is the lack of feedback and tell for when the player character or the enemies are off the ground. 

The music and arts were very good. 

haha, yeah, guilty about being french... I completely forgot about the keyboard difference.

About the laser attacks, I put a slight delay between the targeting and the attack so the player so can be dodged by moving sideway, but if this caused you problems the delay is probably too short. Also yeah, the buildings are also meant to be used as cover. For the aiming system, there is one on the base attack, but it's probably set too small, and the heavy attack doesn't have one.

Thanks for your inputs. I'll try to fix it when I'll get back to the game...

Very fun. The characters look good and the battles are enjoyable. I really liked the patterns and trying to figure the way out, and even if it's hard, the "continue" option avoided getting too frustrated.

One complaint I have is how Angelica move, I feel she is too fast, and that makes it hard to adjust movement to dodge some of the more precise patterns. The flight was also kinda hard to use, and it using it at the same time as dodging and attacking was a bit overwhelming.

But yeah, overall I really loved that game.

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I'm unable to launch this game. Is there another version?

Very fun game. I love the idea of using fragments as ammo.

the game was adequatly difficult, with just enough challenge to be engaging without frustrating. I especially liked the second to last level where it's all about ammo economy. 

only complaint I have is the control scheme, where the direction of the movement is relative to the character's direction while the camera isn't. It was confusing at first, and even after it gave me some trouble in controlling my movements. As a general rule I think if the camera isn't relative, neither should the control be. 

Thanks for your review.

I was worried that the game was gonna be too simple, but that was just me thinking from knowing all about the level design. In a way that's informative, now I know I need to take this into account.

For the checkpoint, yeah, I mentioned in another post but I'll be implementing it after the voting finish. I really ended up appreciating this game and I'm definitively gonna polish after the jam. 

It's visually good, and with an interesting light control. 

It's also VERY hard, and in the dark it's even harder to know what way you should go.

Beautiful with a soothing sound, but the gameplay is very simple. If you apply this art direction on a more complexe work you'd have some serious fire.

Very fun. The ambience is nice, and the main mechanic is fun. at first I wondered where the challenge would come from, but I quickly realized if I wasn't careful about how I recovered part I'd have troubles moving.

Only real complain is the zoom in/zoom out system, I think making a single view that is in between the two would be more confortable.

The desing are cute, and with some nice ideas.

Too bad there was a display issue and I couldn't view the game properly. Another problem is that the collision are too broad and the movement is lacking in precision. 

still, If this was one of your first game, good job.

Thank you for the review.

I was planning to put a checkpoint system I worked on in class but I was short on time. Same reason why I only put a manual restart. Probably one of the first things I'll need to fix. 

I did make a combination of bloc just before getting the left arm, with two blocs being a single object making a platform rotating around two articulations, but I haven't used it at another point.

Fun in the very unique way of physic games where the tiniest move send you flying too far. 

I didn't really see the purpose of the glowsticks.

I'm having trouble seeing how it connect to the theme, but this was a servicable bit of fun, albeit the "frustrating fun" type.

Otherwise, since it appear to be your first game, I hope you continue.

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Extremely interesting core mechanic, and well explored in the level design. The concept is excellent and I greatly enjoyed this game. Really eager to see what you'll add next.

very unusual way to control movements, but it work. 

Also, an interesting use of the theme.

The music felt a bit too high pitched.

Some problems with the screen size.

Outside of that, an enjoyable game that use a simple concept with a few twist to keep things interesting.

Yes, I think if I do get back to it at some point, polish is likely where I'll spend the most time.