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Feather Dreams

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Holy [[Cungadero]]! This is a fun [[little distraction]]!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

I think it would have been a lot more intuitive for the rate of rotation to depend on how far the mouse was. Having the termite point towards the mouse cursor would have been far, far more intuitive.

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

What was the sound issue? I didn't hear any when I was testing it.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the advice!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hahahah. I'm not a fan of those, so I'd never make one myself.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!


I think a simple one, for point 3, would be to start each level with an overview of the full building, with the computers, player, and sysadmins clearly highlighted. This would give the player a chance to plan their route cleanly.

I love the visuals and sound, but there are a few mechanical problems that really hurt my enjoyment:

1. It's way too easy to get stuck in doorframes, and that makes it a huge pain to go around.

2. The camera movements are very choppy, which is tiring on the eye.

3. Because you don't know where the admins are when a level starts, it can be very frustrating to know how to start. For example, in level 3, if you go up to the computer, hack it, and then you're facing a straight hallway with an admin coming at you. That feels like a cheap trap.

I like the concept and presentation, but the mechanics need a bit more polish to shine.

... trippy. o.o

Good sound ambience.

Glad you enjoyed the game! The art is recycled from the 'background' in the game, but I thought it added a nice touch.

It's a cute idea and I'd love to see what it turns into.

Clever mechanic, though I feel like you would have been better served with fewer bugs, but larger ones, and a larger ship as well. They are frustratingly tiny targets to click.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you got to play it. Yes, Wreck-It Ralph was a big inspiration here.

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Oh hey, it's 2048.

Nice music. There are some elements that I'm not sure I understood: What was the spider sometimes poking its face up on the screen all about?

Also sometimes there would be a long sound that seemed really important, but I couldn't figure out what was triggering it.

The fact that there's no visual indicator of the order the bugs go in makes it a little hard to follow sometimes. I think still giving them a number, or some other obvious form of sequencing would have helped.

Not making much use of the limitation, though.

Simple and short, but also clever and well written. Nice, though it doesn't have a lot of gameplay to it.

Cool mechanic! Great presentation, too! I wasn't able to get my ratings over around 45%. Any advice?

Dang... this is why I don't usually do 3D.

Thanks for playing!


I could probably have added an endless mode, yes. I figured if a player wanted to play more they could just play it again.

The theme is present in the form of software bugs, rather than insects. The fact that the player never shows up because they used a bug in the game to skip the level is a major driver of the story.

Also, remember: Mini jam has the theme as optional.

Thanks for playing!

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Nice graphics, fairly good gameplay. Could have used a little music.

I think you made it go for too long. I got bored around wave 11. For a game jam, I think you'd want your game to show everything it has to offer faster than this.

Also, the little red bugs feel like they're a bit too fast. It makes them feel like cheap difficulty.

I feel like you're not making much use of the limitation here, though. That's a bit disappointing.

So, I'm a bit ahead of the evaluation period, but I figured I'd give this one a shot.

  • Excellent graphics. They look incredibly polished.
  • The music was a good choice and fit the mood very well. However, it failed to loop, and I spent most of the game without music playing.
  • I love how the alarm sound effect is panned such that you can tell which monitor is the one giving the alarm by ear.
  • The 'scan' mechanic was nice, but either had too few levels, or was too random in how it used them. I ended up playing the same 2 levels over and over while getting others only once. I got the one with the two blocks sliding up and down about six times in my playthrough.
  • I think the upload goes up way too slowly, or you don't have enough to do. I ended up opening a reddit window on my other monitor and scrolling while I waited, because I was getting stretches of thirty seconds with nothing happening.

All in all, a great concept and great presentation, but hurt by the two big issues higlighted above.

Great job!

Going for something like Undertale, right?

I like your visuals, but the 'Click to attack' bar doesn't seem to respond well to clicks, and the dodging comes at you way too fast and feels impossible... not to mention having to switch back and forth from mouse to attack to keyboard to dodge.

Nice! Thanks for letting me know.

I did think jumping into the fire was the intent, but after jumping into the fire, I still took damage and died from being at 1 health at that time.

It's good to learn.


My feedback after playing:

Nice graphics.

You never explain the controls, which led to me never figuring out how to attack until after taking some time to experiment after beating the game. I don't understand the control scheme. Move with arrow keys, jump with space, attack with... mouse? Would I need three hands to play? I only realized later still that you can also move with A and D. The control scheme could have used a little more thought. Generally, it's better to avoid using both mouse and keyboard if you don't need to aim or such, and to consider a variety of players. Offering both the arrow keys and WASD is good, but the jump button doesn't account for it. Think having the attack button on the keyboard somewhere near jump would have worked better.

The music is... very dissonant.

Still, a fairly solid game over all. I didn't see much in the way of bugs, which was good, though the large robots did seem to react oddly to running into a platform.

Some things made the game feel quite unpolished to me.

-The character and backgrounds having different pixel sizes made the two clash a lot, in terms of art style.

-A lot of the level design feels very haphazard, like a bunch of blocks were just scribbled around a bit at random.

-In the level where you go down a shaft with many slimes, when you reach the bottom, there are many slimes overlapping the goal. It seems impossible to get past that without taking a hit, and that's kind of cheap.

Very cool mechanic and presentation!

Thank you! You flatter me, hahaha! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Having them impossible to dodge without a power-up wouldn't be that much of an issue if there wasn't also no way to anticipate/avoid them. Imagine playing the game for the first time and suddenly there's an enemy that is absolutely impossible to dodge because you haven't found the right item, and you're forced to take damage. To a player playing your game for the first time, that's a profoundly unfun moment, and is likely to leave a very sour first impression if your game.

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Thanks for playing!

It's true that there's not that much variety in the actual card game, I quickly found out that the game of blackjack can only vary so much. That's why I went with varying enemy attacks and composition a bit more.

I agree that battles being somewhat similar would be an issue to overcome if I was going to make this a bigger game.

I wasn't able to make it there, sorry.

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I liked the visuals and the music, and the platforming was fairly solid with a nice progression of difficulty. There are two things I think are worth pointing out:

When the player is mostly going to the right or left, (for example during most of the platforming sections), it's better to lock the camera at a neutral height rather than have it move up and down with the player, which can get disorienting.

The boss's attack where spikes come up from the ground gives no sign of what's about to happen. The player has no way to know that spikes will come up when the boss lands, and that leads to taking a hit in a way that feels very cheap. It would be good to give some form of visual forewarning.

Still, all in all, great game!