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I love your art work! Looking forward to seeing some more of your games.

Thanks! I do but I've not had time. I will tidy it up soon.

Yeah, I'm seeing that Trojan too. No response from dev. Bit of a shame, wanted to give this tool a try, looks good.

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Okay, fair enough. The only obvious things I could think of are the turret not rotating fast enough to track the enemy, or perhaps your algorithm is not targetting the centre of the sprite/hitbox, but one of the corners. Anyhow, I spotted a few other things.

1. You cannot chain junctions, i.e. two junctions next to each other will block up the transport of materials. Not sure if this is deliberate or not, but I've had scenarios where this would be useful.

2. Increasing the cost of drills does not prevent drill spamming, just makes the first few minutes of the game a bit of a grind while you slowly build up your stone industry. I think the conveyor and router speed / capacity limitation is a better way of moderating resources, and already works pretty nicely. Ultimately the more you add to the game the more difficult it'll be to balance. The extractors were a really nice addition though.

Can you specifically test the Flak turret - from what I see it rarely hits - it is the only turret where you have added an overPrediction variable (is this to simulate inaccuracy?) I'm not sure why this is necessary. If the algorithm is correct, and the target doesn't change velocity, then it should always hit and not require any over prediction?

Found a mistake: Titanium Extractor description says it outputs coal not titanium.

And a bug: the game will crash if you remove a conveyor, leading off a junction, as the junction is outputting onto the conveyor.

Also, I mentioned that the turrets were firing wildly off target in version 1.5, you said it was a mistaken in the maths. This is definitely fixed as of 2.0 for the old turrets, but the newer turrets seem to be suffering from the same, or a similar bug. This is most obvious with the Flak, sometimes firing 90 degs in the wrong direction. Could you have copied the erroneous code to the newer turrets before applying the fix?

Yes definitely. I had grand plans for this, but it was for a 48 hour dev jam and a lot had to be cut, hence the jarring sfx.

1) Is that to simulate inaccuracy? Apologies if I'm overstepping, I find the simplest way of handling target prediction is,

aimPosition[x,y] = enemyPosition[x,y] + (enemyVelocity[x,y] - yourVelocity[x,y]) * (distance / weaponSpeed)

Which, ignoring acceleration, provides the perfect firing solution - then I add an inaccuracy factor on afterwards.

3) Yeah, stronger rather than more enemies will help, although it'll still likely lag due to the vast number of turrets and projectiles flying around. You could use a fixed time-step; the game would slow down as FPS drops, but it'd avoid the glitching through walls. Pick your poison.

4) I've been in that exact position, needing that functionality, but can't work out how to use the junction. I stuck it in the middle of two conveyor belts in a cross formation, but the resources just stopped at the junction and started to pile up. Maybe I'm just being dumb, but it could do with an example. Perhaps bung one in to the initial base setup at the start of the game?

5/6) Yeah, totally understand. Though I personally find the online highscore the most complicated bit to implement. I don't know what tools you're using; I usually put something together with, node and a small AWS server - but the score verification is always the hardest bit - it's really easy to spoof a highscore in some games.

+7) I also forgot to mention, not a bug necessarily, but when you're building things and run out of a certain resource, it auto de-selects that object, which is a little frustrating cos you have to go back and re-select it each time. Also your gun starts firing on that final object placement as you run out of materials.

Jeez, sorry if I'm bombarding you. I'm a sucker for resource management / tower defence games. Do you mind divulging what code / libs you're using for this? I've been mainly using recently but I'm not sure it'd handle so many sprites as your game requires.

Great game, really addictive!

I noticed a couple of bugs when I played.

1. turret aim is off - sometimes firing in exact opposite direction to enemies. This is particularly prevalent when the enemies are moving. Could be a rads/degs mix up.
2. I quit a game, returned to the menu, then started a new game. The level reset, but my resources did not, i.e. I started with loads of resources.
3. Late waves (40+) I see FPS drop enough that player and enemies start glitching through walls.
4. I can't find any use for the junction tile? If there is a use it needs more explanation.

And a couple of suggestions; Showing turret range indicator while before you place it would be handy. Also, hard to implement, but an online highscore would encourage people to come back.

Good luck with this, it's cool.

Finished it. I love a puzzle game, and this was very inventive. Worth developing further.

This is a really nice game, possibly my favourite so far. I'm surprised it hasn't had more ratings. You might draw more attention with a gif for a main screenshot - take a look at gifcam.

I found the jumping quite difficult at first, but once you get the bubble and double jump it gets a bit easier. I very much like the health indicator design, when you get hit, no clutter. The music and SFX are good. Great atmosphere for a little game. It all fits together so well.

Music's great!

Thanks! I did use Phaser. There's a list of the tools I used, with links, in the game's description, if you're interested.