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Yea, and they are not only damage the lander, they are destroing it impressively quick

By the way, do you tried to land on the edge of the Lender with the upgraded boots? I mean, this is harsh drowback for upgrade, i think.

About connections - you can try to connect things to legs of drop pods (http://imgur.com/pzh4l8c), they are really baggy in that matter.
"Is that even possible?"
Drop pod unfortunately is too heavy to be lifted by capsule... but Bob has friends who are always ready to help (http://imgur.com/16zFQVV). This time its doesnt work because this connection (http://imgur.com/lZTfYEV) become bagged, but you get the point - it is possible

Of course. Never seen a big bugs (except a broken gravity, it still appears occasionally), but small ones - yea, things clipping in each other under high pressure, but its hardly fixable as i imagine, and some connections placed around enemy drop pods (and around of some zones of player ship too) become unavailable for selection (maybe they are marked as "neutral" connections?).
Water is great, but i hope a large amount of it will not eat too mach of my CPU.
(Too bad that stealing an enemy drop pod gives nothing ... sometimes in difficult terrain they do not cling to the ground)

Well, it looks cool, but worked poorly - mechanoids survived, and even more - connections mostly disintegrated and I was been swallowed by hive.

No, I'm just practiced such an option in truth. But in the process I realized that this lander is not very usefull right now - in the mineral-rich planets it is chipper just to hitch "the train of minerals" to the ship itself.

Operation "Save private Lander": http://imgur.com/Z3KoRHS

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It happened twice on a small planets (those without caves) when I was flying on the right bottom side. By the way, the game really tests my greediness, and that's how it usually ends... http://imgur.com/hQzsojp http://imgur.com/aMQdPOO
And... this happends again, same circumstances: http://imgur.com/KA7VYxF . Of course, I can still get these crystals, but it becomes a bit more complicated, you know

When I come out of the capsule at the bottom of the planet, I just fall into space. This is normal, or I miss something? The concept of the game nevertheless wonderful, I enjoyed playing ... on the upper side of the planet.