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When I come out of the capsule at the bottom of the planet, I just fall into space. This is normal, or I miss something? The concept of the game nevertheless wonderful, I enjoyed playing ... on the upper side of the planet.

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No, that's far from normal. Gravity should always pull everything towards the center of the planet no matter where you are on it.

I have seen this bug happen once before though. I was watching someone play on Twitch. They got out of their lander and fell away from the planet for no obvious reason.

It's one of those rare bugs that makes no sense. It should never happen. I imagine it's caused by some unusual combination of actions.

So don't worry. You should be able to go to the other side of the planet and not fall off.

" I enjoyed playing ... on the upper side of the planet." - Lol.

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It happened twice on a small planets (those without caves) when I was flying on the right bottom side. By the way, the game really tests my greediness, and that's how it usually ends... http://imgur.com/hQzsojp http://imgur.com/aMQdPOO
And... this happends again, same circumstances: http://imgur.com/KA7VYxF . Of course, I can still get these crystals, but it becomes a bit more complicated, you know

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That third pic.http://imgur.com/KA7VYxF lol. Just hanging around...Such a great bug pic.

I tested again on that planet. Everything works fine for me. I even tried to make it happen and failed. I wonder what's going on.