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About connections - you can try to connect things to legs of drop pods (http://imgur.com/pzh4l8c), they are really baggy in that matter.
"Is that even possible?"
Drop pod unfortunately is too heavy to be lifted by capsule... but Bob has friends who are always ready to help (http://imgur.com/16zFQVV). This time its doesnt work because this connection (http://imgur.com/lZTfYEV) become bagged, but you get the point - it is possible

Wow. That's ingenious. That gives me some ideas for future secrets.

Thanks for the info on the connection bug with the drop pod legs. I'll take a look at why that is happening and sort out a fix.

By the way, do you tried to land on the edge of the Lender with the upgraded boots? I mean, this is harsh drowback for upgrade, i think.

No. I'm guessing they damage the lander. I'll remove that. It's not intentional.

Yea, and they are not only damage the lander, they are destroing it impressively quick