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Amazing start! Loving the diversity in the cast and sheesh the MC is cute. Really looking forward to seeing how this project goes! Good luck and keep having fun with it!

Hahaha well that's pretty good timing on my part! Looking forward to giving it a go!

First time seeing this VN, looks interesting but where's the download button?

I think you removed the download links by accident some time ago.  

First off before I even touch the game, I would just like to point out that just because you're drawing only wolf anthro's does not mean they should all use the same style of art. I understand this might be hard to implement for newer artists but from an outside perspective, you could tell me that the 4 characters you show on this page are brothers and I would believe you. That's how similar they look. Simply changing height and fur patterns is not enough to differentiate characters. Try to change your art style a tad bit too for each character.

I apologize for nitpicking here but there's waaaay too many similarities between the 4 characters art design atm. They have the same eyes, ears, shoulders, arms, body, and chest hair. In VNs, art is extremely important. Spend some time adding uniqueness to your characters art designs. 

Also props on you for making a game. It's hard but at the end of the day, I hope you enjoy it. It's an experience alright. 

Any plans on translating this VN?

Good start to a VN! Looking forward to seeing more.

Overall I think this VN has potential. Only real problem I see so far is the English. While the English is easy to interpret, the wording is very strange and needs work. Looking forward to what you can do with this VN!

This is honestly quite amazing for your first attempt at a VN. Was giggling like a maniac throughout the entirety of it. Hope you continue with it regardless of how long it takes. I think you have a real gem in the making.

Yes this is Braford's House of Beef. Wolfstar is the programmer of the project while Braford is in charge of art.

Found this game a while back and have played it and even supported Braford on patreon for a bit. The story and dialogue is incredibly corny but in the good and amusing way. Artwork on the other hand is excellent. Updates are short but so worth it due to the amount of attention given towards art updates. This is not a game that recycles sprites and cgs, pretty much every update has new  top-notch sprite animations and cgs involved and it's pretty great.

I agree with this. It's a great start to a VN with a few minor things that I would like to see changed. Diego's interestingly long neck being one, short screen time of characters being second, and some slight grammatical errors being the third. On and off note though, I do quite like the character designs. Good luck with this project and have fun with it. 

I have to say... This really was a complete overhaul. Very well done! Almost teared up at the prologue again and I'm honestly quite enjoying the day by day gameplay! Very curious how some of the choices effect you in the long term.

I don't quite understand why three of the tags are on here but ok lol.

Mildly off topic, but I am actually very glad you guys are coming to the audience for suggestions and showcasing the progress you've made towards implementing them. It's very impressive that we get to see all of this get pumped out so quickly too! Already gearing up to me one of my top 5 VNs and we're barely past the first day! Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us!

This one is probably going to require a lot of work, but maybe add one or two more sizes for Asterion? At the moment we have athletic and bulky/muscular (both of which look amazing), but as we all know, everyone has different tastes. In order to better address those taste issues, I was thinking add a slim and chunky/fat option as well considering there is a fairly large audience for both.

As for minor customization's, any piercing would be interesting, heck even adding a tattoo option would be nice. An option to control how hairy/fluffy he is would be interesting too although I imagine that would be troublesome.

Good start, the English isn't perfect but is still understandable. Some very interesting character designs so far with a seemingly big world to explore. Personally think this VN has quite a bit of potential.

Orlando's route currently ends in the middle of day 6 in the version you have. In order to get the rest of day 6 and 7, you would have the be playing the patreon exclusive version which will be released for the public next month on the 15th.

Are you still having trouble finding the other "hints"? It should be fairly obvious once you figure out one.

One of the most thought out VNs I have seen in a while. 10/10 purely for the amount of potential this VN has.

Art is adorable without every character being overly sexualized like they are in so many VNs nowadays. Characters are all equally fleshed out, each with their own distinctive quirks and personalities. Writing is great and while it does seem to contain certain tropes, it is in no way cliche.

If you haven't given this VN a try, I hope you do. It is incredible for something so early in the works.

Great start so far, the only thing I have to suggest really is to change the font to something that's more legible. The fancy script is nice for a bit but after a while it's more annoying then pleasing to the eyes.

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I've followed these instructions completely but I do not see him. Possible bug?

Edit: Well by day I'm guessing you mean early morning?? He wasn't there at 10/11AM but he was there at 7AM the next day.

Take your time with it! Although us fans are dying for a new release, it's not worth it if you, the creator, isn't satisfied with your creation! Instead of rushing out update after update, push out something that you can be proud of.