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Orlando's route currently ends in the middle of day 6 in the version you have. In order to get the rest of day 6 and 7, you would have the be playing the patreon exclusive version which will be released for the public next month on the 15th.

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I'm not confused about it being a demo. I'm confused about it saying that I saved him, when I did nothing to save him.

Is it just there as a placeholder because of the fact that that's there in every route? Although you aren't the creator so I don't know that you'd know the answer to that.

You've got me curious now. Where does it say that he's been "saved" in his current route

When Oz is talking to you.

That's... interesting. First instance I've heard about someone getting to Oz's dialogue on Orlando's route. It should boot you back to the title screen after lunch. I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know

Yeah, that is interesting. It mentions Orlando by name, and even though his death is supposedly similar to Sal's, the text is different so it's not just a name variable... so clearly you've programmed the conversation in somewhere, and it just wasn't supposed to actually be possible in the demo.

The dialogue you're viewing is just placeholder stuff so thankfully it's not spoilers for how his route goes down. I've isolated what the problem is and will be patching it sometime today. Essentially, the check to see if his content is there  wasn't working. It's supposed to see nothing is there and then boot you back to the title screen, but... it's not doing it. Either way, it'll be fixed by the end of the day

Ah, ok.

Meanwhile I was attempting to actually find the code to help you out with the search, but I am way too new at Python to figure out anything you're doing :P At least I can make a die roller?

Hey, gotta start somewhere! Besides, I've got most of the script archived by default so it's aaaaall good.