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It's fine. After next update I was going to host the poll again after I take Tyson and Dean out so votes can be redistributed.

I can say yes to one if not both of those things depending how they develop.

It does not have a sex scene, no. As far as planning for one, I treat sex scenes with the view of if they're needed to progress a character pairing's relationship/dynamic. So at this point, probably not for Tyson.

It's a misplaced flag because you resonated. It's been fixed in the latest version coming out in a week from now.

Not as of yet.

You will be waiting for a bit then, given it's only day 17.

Also, if I'm interpreting correctly, don't go through the game files. They're archived for a reason.


Path E should flag assuming you've revealed Oswin and failed the password on Day 10 and then... made another choice. Essentially kill off as many people as you can as fast as you can. 

If you're saying you flagged this early, then... That's a problem. Funnily, there are even 3 ways to get to where you ended up, so have fun finding them all!

Just checking, but what's your "Path" listed as on that save file? I was reminded that if it's still marked as "???" then the save is too old to be compatible. But if it's happening on new saves, then something's broken somewhere along the way.

Yeah, okay. The mobile build is actually one iteration behind the others so that might be the problem. I'll see if I can organize a patch but given it's a month old I'm surprised this hasn't come up sooner.

(1 edit)

Oh yeah, that's a bug. Can I get a rundown as to how you got there?
EDIT: Also what version? If it's the mobile version it might not be fixable until the next build rolls down.

Ah, you might be waiting a while then. Typically speaking first "finished" release should be v1 and we're still in alpha builds currently.

Typically because I spend that morning either sleeping in (as I can automate it on Patreon) or hotfixing the latest Patreon build that the update comes a little later as it's just a mirror.

That said, it's live on itch now as well.

It is an option, yes.

Don't worry, any password you'll need appear in-text and you'll have a better idea of what you need and when as things pick up.

At least hopefully.

It's a misplaced flag that happens if you Resonate, not causing things to default back. I've fixed it on my end, but there won't be a hotfix until the next release likely.

If anyone ever has issues with me trying to control hints, this is why. Even on the server hints are restricted to a pre-approved list both so I know how to troubleshoot the difficulty but also make it so it's not just giving the answer away.

There are two hints I can give you:
1. Don't overthink it.
2. Much like Day 10, the scene before password input is a clue of where you should be looking or thinking about when trying to solve this.

We have this already in part with their nameplates which will be a little more obvious when the new UI rolls out, but as far as tying colour theory to the personalities of the cast it doesn't work just from Tyson alone.

Plus there are accessibility things to consider too when it comes with balancing the colours with being readable both on PC and Mobile so I wouldn't expect anything to come of it, but I'll consider it all the same.

How will it help flesh out the characters exactly?

There shouldn't be any red text left in the game, although I may have missed a couple.

No passwords should be red in dialogue though.

So to clarify, on Dean's route you saved Benson and found yourself on Sal's route?

I'll consider it depending on how that may effect tone. Being able to see Dave's face has its pros and cons, so it'll be something to also consider for UI layout.

The main reason I've been hesitant is that it's just another whole sprite I'd need to draw and it's not something I planned on having for a quite a while yet.

It's far from done, but I'm glad it's resonating with people. Hope you continue to enjoy it until the end!

(Also Tyson's is a very popular route and one I'm especially proud of, so liking his best is absolutely fine.)

I'm glad you're voicing critique with the writing, but there are better ways to suggest better use of grammar in a piece of work still needing a proper go through with an editor.

Whoever told you that was lying. I'm still working on the sprites and only have a few of them 100% done.

You can stop him dying, yes.

Remember the name of the game, and there's your clue.

I understood what you meant but I can't say I agree. Being faced with death and a traumatic experience like in the bad timeline creates a lot of stress. Stress that feeds off your panic and fear and makes you lash out. Orlando starts to shut down, Tyson becomes more abusive, Hoss starts swearing, and that's all because of the stress of dealing with watching a murder happen. Normal people just can't walk away from that and be fine.

I say normal as Benson and Oswin mostly have it together but there we have a doctor and his assassin butler so there is some level of  ejng used to it.

Don't feel dumb! It's questions like this that help keep my writing quality in check.

Some of the dialogue is a little same-y, so I'll give you that much as far as you're not imagining things. Granted, I think the prevalence of other VNs having wildly different narratives base on whose route you pick might be playing part in expectations being what they are.

I'd be curious to know more on the specifics if anything came to mind. 

From a back end planning sort of thing, and it'll be streamlined a little better come edits, but from days 11 to 20ish constitutes Act 2. Which the first half is about dealing with Dave primarily and his own trauma where he fits into the mystery as a whole. On top of that, coming to terms with how that has impacted his relationships with his friends.

Part of the failing on my end is that I've perhaps tried to pace it a little too close to how things would play out IRL as opposed to a work of fiction? If everything was a constant go-state then it'd be closer to a TV serial and the writing would need to shift towards episodes as opposed to a novel. 

If I'm failing, I'd love to know where specifically I can be doing better outside of just "make stuff happen" because managing the timeline and naturally developing relationships (to me at least) don't just automatically happen in daily updates towards becoming an item.

No probs! Thanks for reporting the issue so I could fix it!

I'll keep this in mind when I get around to editing it like I did with the first initial days. You're not the only one that's pointed out that those days aren't as enjoyable, but trust I'm listening and will do what I can to bring the quality up when I can.

Had another look, Roswell's had an extra variable that wasn't being set back to default, Tyson on the other hand looks to be working just as fine. If you resonate though, it's assuming you didn't put in the password and Tyson's check defaults back if you opt to do nothing about saving him. That should be working as intended but if you're getting something else, please do let me know.

Orlando's had a similar setup to Roswell's that I've already fixed. Benson's I'd completely overlooked as needing a resonate option and have added that in for next build.

Yup, I've got it patched on my end, or at least I know most of those are. I'll have to go double check I've got them all. Can you confirm you're using the latest build though?

That's what I was assuming, but there isn't anything major route-variance-wise that would indicate that the password would be different. I'm mostly curious that if that is the case, what gave that impression.

I'll look into what might be causing the flag to trigger wrong. Thanks for letting me know!

I got a little lost about halfway through your comment.

Did you manage to save Benson or no? It sounds like you haven't but then you talk about specifically what the trick is to progress past that point.

Path D, and you're two versions behind for what it's worth.

Given Path C can't get to day 16 yet I'd be curious to know how or why it flagged as C to begin with. When did you notice it reading as C for that save?

It is not, I'll look into why it's doing that. Which route were you on?

It's been live for about 5 hours on Patreon. I typically set it to automate on there so I can enjoy a sleep in on release day but have to manually do it when I wake up on itch.

What's confusing about it