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First off before I even touch the game, I would just like to point out that just because you're drawing only wolf anthro's does not mean they should all use the same style of art. I understand this might be hard to implement for newer artists but from an outside perspective, you could tell me that the 4 characters you show on this page are brothers and I would believe you. That's how similar they look. Simply changing height and fur patterns is not enough to differentiate characters. Try to change your art style a tad bit too for each character.

I apologize for nitpicking here but there's waaaay too many similarities between the 4 characters art design atm. They have the same eyes, ears, shoulders, arms, body, and chest hair. In VNs, art is extremely important. Spend some time adding uniqueness to your characters art designs. 

Also props on you for making a game. It's hard but at the end of the day, I hope you enjoy it. It's an experience alright. 

Thank you for pointing it out, It's my problem. I did try to make them look different but in the end, they still look familiar. I will try my best on the next update
It's OK I appreciated that, I always want my VN would be better