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Found this game a while back and have played it and even supported Braford on patreon for a bit. The story and dialogue is incredibly corny but in the good and amusing way. Artwork on the other hand is excellent. Updates are short but so worth it due to the amount of attention given towards art updates. This is not a game that recycles sprites and cgs, pretty much every update has new  top-notch sprite animations and cgs involved and it's pretty great.

Thank you Fallatira for playing!  That review nails HOB, we hope to bring even more unique corny amusing content in future updates!  Hope you're enjoying the wild ride   x3

Thank you very much ^_^ I'm glad you liked the game! And yeah, updates are a bit short in length but I'm trying to add as much content as possible and that takes a lot of time.
So we'll keep doing our best!