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Yessir    =3

Howlies Shin,  sorry if I missed your message on Twitter.  I keep forgetting to check the requested messages because no one else does that (stupid Twitter).  New version numbers have been implemented as of the latest updates.  We're on version 3 now--I'm using a different form of renpy then my mate Dyne, so we have a harder time getting things like version updates out.  I felt really foolish when we discovered where the version number code was hiding too  x3    

As far as the content logs go, we'll be more specific as Chapter 4 brings about our main branching pathways.  Finally the power of choice will be in the capable paws of the player as to where they'd like the story to go.  We'll be sure to mention which of the six main routes (Alex, Janus, Hugo, Rufus, and Dagio) are getting updated.

As for skipping chapters, hopefully with the new techniques we've been working with, players will no longer have to start over their saves from the beginning anymore.  New variables can be made and still be able to avoid this scenario. 

Thank you for playing the game, and for commenting.  Stay tuned for more  =3

Thank you kindly Quane101.  The fate of your friends hinges on your choices, I just hope you find my future art designs to be good either way.  x3

Next update coming June 10th.

No problem whitefluf.  Again I'm sorry for the problem.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the game.

Based on what you are experiencing, it sounds like you are trying to continue using an older build's save.  Unfortunately the only way to continue is to start the game over again from the beginning.  This tends to happen when new variables are declared inbetween builds.  My apologies for any inconvenience.  This should fix the problem completely though.  Thanks again for playing the demo   =3

I sincerely wish I had the answer to your problem, but I don't use macos launcher.  I play the visual novels on my home pc.

Howlies Quane101,

In the strange case of fan love for Dagio, I'm going to chalk it all up to "evil is sexy".  He won the poll for the next date scene, so we will likely get more information in Chapter 4.    Jenny and Dexter have their hands full, trapped in a building full of BFP guards.  "Shifty broken elf", that's a really good description of his character (I may need to use that sometime in the game lol).  I can't wait to see what happens next  >.<!!!

Howlies Shin!

I'm excited to see that you're enjoying the story thus far.  There is definitely going to be a Dagio route in the game, (thanks to our Patreon voters we will get to go out with him soon [in chapter 4]).  I'll do my best to keep the bad stuff and spelling mistakes as non existent as possible.  As for a Cornelius route....well....It's possible   =3 

Howlies Wagnerman267,

Next update will come at the end of the month on itchio.  I've been out of town often visiting family, so this month we are a bit behind.  Thanks for your patience dude  =3

Bad cow puns are plentiful in the last update lol  Mooooooooooooooving right along  =3

We've got a lot of surprises coming, the story is getting rather intense  @.@!!

No one in Paradise is safe, especially our hero, Wolfstar.  Danger is lurking around every dark corner!   x3

Thank you kindly hyou vizer, I'm grateful you returned to give the demo another shot too.  Hugo seems to be the main crowd favorite on Patreon currently too, I love the big lug too.  Hyper has been a roller coaster ride to write for, can't wait to see what happens next    x3  

I'm diggin' the spooky vibe too  x3     We'll have to get back to being sexy soon though  =3

What better way to wake up in the morning than with your worst enemy, that'll get you out of bed fast!  

I'd love to answer all of your questions hopefully by the next update, especially in regards to Cornelius.  It makes me so happy to hear that you're enjoying the game with all of the craziness that has been happening.

Next itchio soft update coming at the end of this month.

Yeah, gotta start all over again.  We may have found a way to avoid having to do that for the next update.  I'll keep itchio/Patreon up to date on if they have to redo the game again.  Sorry for the trouble  =3

Not at the moment, but we are still in early development, so maybe in the future  =3

More content coming next month  =3

Thank you kindly Teddie308.  I'm hoping to get back on track and do proper work again soon  x3

Before this month ends we have an update scheduled, I've been massively sick lately though which has been horrible for any real progress  =3

Stay tuned, there should be an update coming again before the month ends (so long as everything stays on track)

Happy Early Birthday Wishes Dude  =3

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Thanks for playing the demo Quane 101, I'm grateful for the feedback too.
Art assets that are currently used in the game are not safe from future alteration/ updating/ removal from the final game.
I'm hoping to hire on some artists down the road, but for now, all the work is up to yours truly  x3
Hyper's antagonist ways were definitely foreshadowed in the dream maze sequence, very good observation dude!
Cornelius the angel rooting for rainbows has now become my new favorite set of words. 
I can relate with not being able to throw money at your favorite artist.  If you can spread the word that this game exists though, that would be an awesome way to support us.  The more people who see it, the better!

Thank you again, and a new itchio update is scheduled to be released before this month ends.

Howlies Howler1512!  Dude, I'm so sorry, I just now read your message about being trapped in the maze  >.<!!  My family and friends bought/build me a new computer over the holidays and I'm just now getting everything back to normal.  I'm very happy to hear that you made it through the maze in the end, and especially glad to hear that you still like the game.  Thank you so much for playing, there will be more surprises coming soon  =3

Howlies Teddie308,

Thanks for playing the demo dude!  We've been seeing a rise in demand for Hugo lately, and I'm happy to say that he is currently having his route worked upon.  Be on the lookout for more updates next year  =3   

Howlies Shin,

Thank you so much for playing the original game before, and for giving the recent demo a playthrough as well.  Your comment has made me so utterly pleased, I'm so glad to know that things have changed so much since rolling out the first chapter.  I can't thank you enough for coming back for another trial, I hope to crank out a lot more content, and not become shit down the road.  Thank you again Shin, there will be more to come soon   =3

Howlies AxlWolfang!

I have a feeling I know which character's text that could be.  I'll try out some text colors and have a change ready for the next update.  Thanks so much for playing the game dude!  I can't wait to post more.  Itchio should be getting a new update before January if everything continues to go smoothly   =3

Thank you kindly IPlayAllDay.  I'm happy with the scores thus far, and even more excited that you came back to try out the game again.  I hope to keep up with the improvements all around, and will definitely add more content for date choices/ scenes.  Hugo's route is the first on my list to work on currently, which will be the main focus on the Patreon build.  Thanks again for the review  =3

Which "to be continued..." did your version of WsSAP leave off on?  The latest game update from Patreon has been uploaded on itchio this week because of 10K views    =3

LOL, no worries friend.  One day I will have to post a full walkthrough of the game  =3

No specific order required.  You can, however, click on the same parts multiple times.  When you see Hyper become more interested, you are free to explore more of him, and the process goes much faster.

(Edited 1 time)

The parts of Hyper you want to click that will be good at the start are his ears, his eyes (I know, kind of an odd choice), cheek, chest, arm, belly, belly button, and thigh.

Howlies Alessan.  Thank you for the bug report, I greatly appreciate it.   For this error we had a stray bracket marker that is causing the error.  I'm trying my best to remove brackets from my writing style, because they cause errors in renpy, looks like I missed another one.  Rest assured that this will be removed in time for the next itchio build.   An update is coming soon.  Thanks again!   =3

Truly looks like an amazing project, I can't wait to see what the creator of E.A can come up with alongside this new artist.  Good luck guys!  x3

Thank you kindly cmim2507.  I'm glad that you enjoy the characters, and the evolving story.  I'm really happy with the latest work,  about 90% of all the work is my doing.  I have reliable bug testers now, as well as my friends who know what to do when coding errors arise to help me along the way.  Please check back often for more updates  =3

Thank you so much!  There will be a great deal of art evolution to come  =3

New Stuff is here again  =3

Thank you so much ZalHaar, I can't wait to see what happens next!   =3

You're in luck.  The next update is coming soon, likely at the end of the week.  I'm having a second update this month because the first update was a short one, (lots of new art assets, but very little story).  Thanks for playing, and make sure to check back often for new content  =3

Thanks for playing the game, we'll likely see the art end evolve over time (I practice everyday). Hyper-bara is not always my mission, when I draw I tend to draw large (blames his high school teacher), at this time none of the assets, sprites/bg/sfx, are safe from being replaced as the development process continues. I'm very happy to hear that the story end is what you like the most. Thanks again dragonboy888! =3

Major Minion, your comment is by far the most perfect synopsis of my game to date. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your response, and admit to having read it several times. Thank you for your interest in the visual novel; I hope you're looking forward to the updated version that is coming out the first week of May. =3