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You're in luck.  The next update is coming soon, likely at the end of the week.  I'm having a second update this month because the first update was a short one, (lots of new art assets, but very little story).  Thanks for playing, and make sure to check back often for new content  =3

Thanks for playing the game, we'll likely see the art end evolve over time (I practice everyday). Hyper-bara is not always my mission, when I draw I tend to draw large (blames his high school teacher), at this time none of the assets, sprites/bg/sfx, are safe from being replaced as the development process continues. I'm very happy to hear that the story end is what you like the most. Thanks again dragonboy888! =3

Major Minion, your comment is by far the most perfect synopsis of my game to date. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your response, and admit to having read it several times. Thank you for your interest in the visual novel; I hope you're looking forward to the updated version that is coming out the first week of May. =3

Created a new topic How do you like the game?

Feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time =3