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Ah, that scene is just a placeholder of sorts.  Look for more fun when Rufus' route is worked on in the future.

Howlies LilMonsta,

Thank you for playing our game.  At this time, updates will require you to download the new game file from this site. 

Likely it will remain this way going forward until a version built for itchio's updater is created.

Glad I could help out.  Please let me know if you have anymore issues like these  =3

Howlies kirillsasin,

Uw!  Fanart is always welcome!   I'd love to see what you make.
I host a lot of work on my Furaffinity page here:

Sure thing Wagnerman267,

My apologies, there is an error in the program that has been fixed, and will be uploaded before the end of this month.

The best way to move onto the next area is to start by visiting the arcade and playing all the games first.  Then return the park and visit a couple of the rides.  The event should trigger for you, and Hugo will take you to the maze in the next scene.

Thanks again for playing  =3

Why thank you  =3

We'll have to wait and find out    =3

Next update scheduled before Christmas   =3

Can't take away all the fun now, right?  I find this extremely entertaining, and thank you so much for posting.  Course if you really like me to make changes, I guess we could add these names to the notorious list of "No-No".     I absolutely love it   x3

Pleasant dreams   =3

We are looking forward to creating one in the future, yet it is undetermined as to when such a build will become available at this stage of production.

The demo on Patreon usually stays two builds ahead of the public build.  We won't be seeing another update here until late December.  As for where you can download the public build  you can use the Download Now button to get a copy.  You do not have to pay for it, but a pop up window will ask if you'd like to donate before taking you to the links.  I hope this helps   =3

Wolfstar and Hyper are aliens, called wolfkin.  I designed Wolfstar as  the red wolf (Canis rufus), and Hyper after the gray wolf (Canis lupus).  As for Rufus he is a human being who drinks B.F.P. in order to be a muscular basset hound.

At least there are five other guys who are after you instead  =3

Howlies Priestelar  ( my apologies for the delay in replying, I was out of town for a week  x3

Dagio is definitely fun to write for, and we will be eagerly awaiting his time in the spotlight.  That poor salad has seen some stuff that we cannot make it un-see.  Hugo's sex scene is still in the works, and I hope to deliver something good soon.  Our stats determine the future victories in the carnival scenes against a certain evil bull.  Thank you so much for all the kind words, I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the game.  

You are correct.

Hyper's story has not ended.  We will have a long overdue series of court events coming soon.   =3

No worries at all.  I appreciate you giving this place a pulse.  From the Patreon votes, Hugo's route will be the first to be fleshed out.

The current soft update is set for the first week of October.  =3

The entire game is 3 months of Paradise for Wolfstar/ 3 days of Work for Jenny.  We are at the end of the first month.

Yuppers, you are correct sir!  We love working with Hugo  x3

There's going to be more, there's definitely going to be more  =3

 Thank you BManWolfBoy for your kind words  x3  

Awooooooooooooooooo!!!!  x3

Howlies DemyanHoul,

No, sorry, we have nothing planned for a Hyper dating route at this time.  

Oh I make sure to drip feed enough content in order to put out an update monthly.  There will be more story coming for the next build.  I'm in serious crunchtime right now  [flexes]    x3

Howlies KilikOdagawa,

I really like how you start off your message, my waking hours tend to begin in the afternoon.  The way I plan on spacing future updates, well, we are going to focus on one route at a time currently.  Hugo won the last Patreon vote, so we will get a week of Hugo first.  We're about to experience a much faster pace as power is handed over to the player to navigate what Wolfstar does throughout the week.  You may still have the unobtainable status should you make certain choices during the week.

Thank you for wanting to support me too.  I really appreciate it  x3

I have for my personal business and for staying in touch with my family.

Yes sir, I update irregularly as of this time because I am the sole creator/worker/designer for this project   =3

WsSaP version 4.0

Yup, we're on target here.  Patreon is on version 6, staying two updates ahead of the public build.

Howlies Mr. Kaos

Thank you for your kind words, they have made me feel encouraged and energized.  I will work harder to bring you more Sins and Paradise  =3

Before the end of this month, no exact day to be estimated at this time.

Howlies Priestelar,

Thank you for your kind review, I'm proud of how far we have come together.  The bad news first, yes you are at the most up-to-date point of the game--good news, there is a ton of new content that I am working on for the next update.  I am the sole worker of this project, but I try to update at least once every month.  More Wolfstar is coming soon   =3

I'm excited to bring about more sexy content too.  Hopefully these scenes will have been well worth the wait   =3

The best way to avoid errors would be to start over, (I move things around a lot, and had a few of my old saves become too dated to work correctly),  but we're handling our variables in a way that should still work if you use your current saves. 

Thank you so much Quane101.

Who knows what awaits those who perish in Paradise?  It was fortunate to get that demon tattoo.  Fury was definitely playing some serious mind games to get you to lower your guard--he wasn't lying about being in love with you though  =3    Thanks again  x3

Thank you warlionbear!  There's always two different versions of WsSaP available, the most updated version will always be hosted on Patreon.  Itchio respectively follows behind by two builds   =3

Thank you Sirnef.    

Hmmm, I'm not certain of what else you could do in this situation.  I haven't had experience in downloading any games from itchio myself.  Perhaps contacting itchio's support can help out?  My apologies.  

I just finished updating a new build.  I had temporarily removed the buttons while I uploaded the new files.  Everything should be all green now  =3

Yessir    =3