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Thank you for the feedback Draco the Enderwolf,
Yup, that's the infamous png format file that should've been jpg.  We haven't messed with this scene in quite a while, and it was functioning like normal.  Should be cleared up in a build or two.

Currently there is one, a dream scene.  More will be added in later updates for certain   =3

If you decide to "Accept Hyper's offer to go out on a date."  the consequence of that choice will shutdown Dagio's route.  This is a good time to make a save file.

Itsa spicy scene from the latest build on Patreon  =3

Righty-o, so it appears to be a background error where renpy is looking for a file type, but the pathway somehow got warped.  It's a strange bug because I haven't messed with this scene for quite a while, and last time it was functioning like normal.  I've compared the files on our end and the current build to verify, and they are for some reason not correct on the itchio build.  My apologies again for the inconvenience this bug has caused.  Please let me know if next month's free update has the same issue.

Howlies ItsAlex130, sorry for any inconvenience to you in regards to this bug.  Can you give us any more information in regards to it?
Take any screenshots?

Howlies Ali sada, yes the 1.54 just came to itchio this month.  Our most recent build on Patreon is ver 62.

Howlies fearaya26,
My apologies for the inconvenience while playing.   This issue sounds familiar, but is there any chance you could provide more information to the bug?  Screenshots?  Or additional text from the error message?


You're quite welcome konstantin2547  it's our pleasure to serve new content to ya   =3

Chuck realmente se movimenta, ele tem muito carisma e resistência, ao que parece =3

Eu sinceramente espero que sim =3

O pobre Julian não viu o perigo chegando x3

Currently Sarge's route is being worked on.  Future updates will host Allen and Jack.

That's great news, fearaya26!  Thank you for playing our game   =3

You may need an APK downloader app for the first time that you attempt to download the game.

Sounds like one of those times when the image was marked as an incorrect format.  We'll be sure to look into it.

Obrigado gentilmente  =3

I'm sure Braford will deliver more NSFW content in future updates.  Meanwhile, in regards to Julian he maybe gaining willpower and getting used to the daily visual impact of "tasty man eye candy".  But who's to say how long that'll last  =3

My best suggestion is to grab one of the free APK downloaders apps from Google Play.  Sometimes renpy projects won't load without them being ran through an APK downloader first.

Howlies fearaya26,  
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused you;  can you provide more information for us about this problem?
Which build are you trying to download?  (Mac, PC, or android?)
Are you saving over previous older builds?
Have you updated your APK downloader recently?

Oh geez, I cannot remember the name for the life of me.  I did find the music from this website though:

Also,  that song still exists in the 9.9 ver Legacy files found here on itchio.  You can still grab the download for free, and can locate the song on Rufus' Music tracks from the main menu to listen to at any time.  

Hope this helps   =3

The health is improving slowly Hamon, thank you for the well-wishes  =3

You're welcome, konstantin!  It fills me with confidence when players like our game!  Thanks so much for playing Sins   =3

Howlies Theedge_yt,
Bad news I'm afraid.  We used today to upgrade our renpy only to end up having to roll it back to the previous version; unfortunately the amount of work needed to repair the script for newer renpy builds would be a HUGE setback.  We cannot make 64 bit versions of Sins at this time.

Fan art and stories are always welcome.  
I just hope you're willing to send me a link when you're all done.
I'd love to see what you come up with, you got my blessings anytime so by all means please have fun, and thank you for asking   =3

Howlies Theedge_yt,
I'm so sorry about the trouble; I know very little about Android files myself.
 You may need to download an additional app in order to play Sins on your phone.  I believe they are called Android Package Kit (APK) downloads.  They are available for free on Google Play, and have worked in the past to resolve this issue.  I hope this helps  =3

I'm grateful that you're excited for the next update  =3

Howlies konstantin2547,
Sorry about the delays in public updates for Sins.  Due to my hospital visits, I didn't have time last month to complete my update.  The good news is that I do plan to release a new public version before this month ends  =3

Howlies GrayBeard73, sorry but we do not offer our services on gumroad at this time.  The latest game currently is available to download here:

Yes.  Quite a few scenes now.

That just makes my day, I know I say it often, but thank you so much   x3

If you like what Braford makes and want the most up to date version, please consider supporting his Patreon:

You're very welcome Elements8    =3

Well we just made v.49 available, so in about 7 more months.

Howlies konstatin2547, thank you for downloading and trying out our game, we're happy you are enjoying Sins   =3

Thank you kindly Bobby Thornbody,  my apologies for the long delay in updating  x3

Howlies SansUT1,
Version .57 should be available on Braford's Patreon.  It won't be made available here for public release for quite some time.

Howlies Elements8,
Hyper is bisexual, though he didn't realize it until he arrived in Paradise.  His route is connected to the main story route at this time.

Howlies konstantin2547, 
Team Paradise is proud to bring you new public content, and hopefully it'll return to a monthly schedule again.  Thanks for playing, and wish us luck for a solid 2023 on =3