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New story content

new sprites

new music added

new bg

bug testing and fixes


Hugo and Dagio route

Daaaaaaaaw, thank you kindly Mukjz   x3

Thank you kindly Resbach   x3

All versions available are the same.  The phone build only has 3 versions thus far, but it's all caught up now   =3

x3    (cat face/ cute animal face)

Protest eh?  Keep up the struggle brother, we shall overcome any problem when we're united to a cause.


Crazy sexual adventure...I'm glad that you feel this way.

Right now 90% of the BG are going to be replaced.  There are quite a few that I've modified in order to fill in the creepy atmosphere, but these are placeholders until I can hire on a BG artist.  Currently all the characters are also drawn by me too.  It's hard to be a solo creator   =3

New story content

new sprites

new music added

new bg

bug testing and fixes


Hugo and Dagio route

Your patience works wonders for me, thank you  =3
Also thank you for finding me on Patreon, I greatly appreciate it.   Yeah in the past we used to declare in game variables which meant that players would lose any progress when updates came around.   Now we define in game variables instead to avoid having old save data become obsolete. 

Renpy is a fun program to wrap your head around  @.#

Thank you again   =3

(P.S  Your English is fine, better than most Americans   x3

That's some good bug catching Mukjz.   Thanks for spotting them and letting me know   =3

The part with the repeatable dialogue in the bar is not a bug, and works as intended so players can reread the information as much as they need to.   This same event happens whenever questions can be asked, and appears multiple times throughout the rest of the game.

Thanks again   =3

Howlies Resbach!

Thank you for playing through my game, I'm glad you found it entertaining.

There is going to be quite a bit more content coming, we have 5 routes to work on with Rufus being the next to get the story treatment.

My Patreon is located here:

Please forgive the slow pace of updating, as of this time I am the only employee/ creator of everything that goes into Sins.

Thank you for the well-wishes, I love this project and look forward to the day when it is completed.

Yup, one day likely when the game is actually finished.  At this time, no, because things are still not set in stone.  What happens in routes are going to be moved around, so a progression chart/ walkthrough is not viable at this time.

Indeed we do.  A public build update is planned for the start of the month.  Thank you for your interest, faithful visits, and patience   =3

I have yet to make any such promise,  we are way too early in the stages of development for such a thing right now.  My humbliest apologies if you're waiting for a walkthrough, it's not a priority until things like story paths are finalized.

Oh sweet, I'm glad that it works.  Thank you for testing it out so thoroughly for me, I was worried because the original point counter was off.  The code had been expressly activated when the player reached 7 more and no less, which of course caused problems.  Please forgive any previous issues, and thank you for continuing to play Sins and Paradise.  It means the world to me   =3

I'm still asking the Magic Eight Ball that exact same question myself   =3

I take great pride in upholding that title  =3

Howlies J-Raythalos

1.  I cannot confirm or deny.

2. Some pictures from itchio appear in the game.

3. Not that I know of.  I think you're free to experiment  with choices   =3

Good point.  For your knowledge, the longest routes are Hugo's and Dagio's.  Dagio's route is getting all the attention for the next couple of months, so his will be worked on in the next updates.

Ah, that scene is just a placeholder of sorts.  Look for more fun when Rufus' route is worked on in the future.

Howlies LilMonsta,

Thank you for playing our game.  At this time, updates will require you to download the new game file from this site. 

Likely it will remain this way going forward until a version built for itchio's updater is created.

Glad I could help out.  Please let me know if you have anymore issues like these  =3

Howlies kirillsasin,

Uw!  Fanart is always welcome!   I'd love to see what you make.
I host a lot of work on my Furaffinity page here:

Sure thing Wagnerman267,

My apologies, there is an error in the program that has been fixed, and will be uploaded before the end of this month.

The best way to move onto the next area is to start by visiting the arcade and playing all the games first.  Then return the park and visit a couple of the rides.  The event should trigger for you, and Hugo will take you to the maze in the next scene.

Thanks again for playing  =3

Why thank you  =3

We'll have to wait and find out    =3

Next update scheduled before Christmas   =3

Can't take away all the fun now, right?  I find this extremely entertaining, and thank you so much for posting.  Course if you really like me to make changes, I guess we could add these names to the notorious list of "No-No".     I absolutely love it   x3

Pleasant dreams   =3

We are looking forward to creating one in the future, yet it is undetermined as to when such a build will become available at this stage of production.

The demo on Patreon usually stays two builds ahead of the public build.  We won't be seeing another update here until late December.  As for where you can download the public build  you can use the Download Now button to get a copy.  You do not have to pay for it, but a pop up window will ask if you'd like to donate before taking you to the links.  I hope this helps   =3

Wolfstar and Hyper are aliens, called wolfkin.  I designed Wolfstar as  the red wolf (Canis rufus), and Hyper after the gray wolf (Canis lupus).  As for Rufus he is a human being who drinks B.F.P. in order to be a muscular basset hound.

At least there are five other guys who are after you instead  =3

Howlies Priestelar  ( my apologies for the delay in replying, I was out of town for a week  x3

Dagio is definitely fun to write for, and we will be eagerly awaiting his time in the spotlight.  That poor salad has seen some stuff that we cannot make it un-see.  Hugo's sex scene is still in the works, and I hope to deliver something good soon.  Our stats determine the future victories in the carnival scenes against a certain evil bull.  Thank you so much for all the kind words, I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the game.  

You are correct.

Hyper's story has not ended.  We will have a long overdue series of court events coming soon.   =3

No worries at all.  I appreciate you giving this place a pulse.  From the Patreon votes, Hugo's route will be the first to be fleshed out.

The current soft update is set for the first week of October.  =3

The entire game is 3 months of Paradise for Wolfstar/ 3 days of Work for Jenny.  We are at the end of the first month.

Yuppers, you are correct sir!  We love working with Hugo  x3

There's going to be more, there's definitely going to be more  =3

 Thank you BManWolfBoy for your kind words  x3  

Awooooooooooooooooo!!!!  x3