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Thank you kindly.  Feel free to keep a save at that spot, it will be changing around the start of the year.

Correct.  Some dialogue changes, but ultimately you're okay to proceed without messing anything up...for now.

Ah yes, that's working correctly as intended for the time being.  Future content for Alex's route has  been planned to continue in 2023.
*You can experience the other routes by sending Alex's call to voicemail.

Her choices will begin affecting Wolfstar's main story route starting early next year when we experience her Day 2 missions ( month two in Paradise).

Howlies Masterfull12, my apologies for any troubles you're experiencing.  Can you give provide anymore information about which route you're on and where you are in the game?  Any screenshots could be invaluable too.

Howlies Nanjeunkim,
Thank you for playing!  We're glad to hear that you're excited for a new update, there will be more content coming soon  =3

Too easy?  I can bump up the difficulty  =3

LOL  I'm sure it's another png where a jpg is suppose to be called  x.x

You can still reject coming out of your room for dinner  =3

All the routes are available after the Fury fight in the church.  When Wolfstar is laying in his room, on his cellphone, all the guys will call you during that scene.  You just send the ones you don't want to go out with to voice mail.  Janus is the last guy to contact you.

Howlies Origamibot,
I can't wait to start up Alex's route, which is a poly route thanks to Janus.  As of this time it hasn't been implemented yet.  This year we're focused on Janus, Hyper's and the main story routes.  Alex is coming soon!

Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated, thank you  =3

Howlies Origamibot,
Thanks for pointing out these bugs.  They have been resolved and will be working in future builds.  Sorry for any inconvenience at this time.

Thank you for finding the bug for Janus' route.  A new build is being made that has both bugs repaired, and will be on Patreon tonight.  Unfortunately the public build will not see this fix implemented for another two months.  We apologize for the trouble.

Howlies bkbpcb,
I can't thank you enough for sticking with us throughout the years.  My word, you lift our spirits so and give us a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe we're doing something right after all.  Thank you kindly for playing  =3

Howlies Omen3230,

Thank you for the screen shot.  Future versions of Sins have resolved this bug.   The file is jpg, but the code was calling for a png     (x.x!)  My apologies for the inconvenience.

My apologies for the inconvenience on this build.  The issue has been corrected in later versions.   

Howlies jim0691,

Thank you for the bug report.  Both issues are resolved in the current Patreon build.  My apologies for the inconvenience.  


Zero instead of O
Three instead of E

For the time being, all you need to do is play the game.  Hyper is part of the main route, you shouldn't miss him   =3

Um...may I humbly suggest playing some of my mate's VN?  "Extracurricular Activities" could hold you over until we update  =3

Thank you kindly konstantin2547;  which route are you on now?

Howlies Nitro089,  from the information you presented, it sounds like you're on Alex's route.  We haven't continued that route yet at this time, and what you're playing is the end of that route as of now.  For the time being, try a new path--during the scene where Wolfstar is alone in his room and getting phone calls, send the calls to voicemail until you get the man you want to go out with.

Next House of Beef update?  Let's see, on Patreon we're due to release version 46 by the 21st of this month.  As for  Itchio's public build, it should be available around the 15th.

1.  Yes.  

2.  A demon wearing Dagio's body, and taking it for a spin  =3

You're welcome  =3

Dagio is having an out of body experience, so very technically dead.

Ah, no worries then.

After the Fury fight in the church, Wolfstar will awaken alone in his room.  Every date-able guy in the game will try to call you one at a time.  Just send the guys you don't want to go out with to voicemail until you get called by the man you want.

The prison scene is part of the main story path of the game.  You can't miss it as long as you play.

Chances are we'll be cutting things out at a later date.  Game size is nearly 2GB now  x.x

Technically there is, but it's strictly a place of business for my clients.  We're all serious and stodgy and boring old people  x3

Howlies Bobby Thornbody,
No worries, I hope you enjoy the story  =3

You can access the event from Hugo's route, during the cellphone tutorial.  You can quickly start it up by calling Hugo once, then calling Hyper and agree to skip to Halloween.

No fears, both scenes are linked up to the main story scenario at this time.

Thank you for playing, Jocaroon   =3

You're welcome konstantin2547.  Team Paradise will continue to work hard to pump out some more monthly updates  =3

Howlies FlickerRussel,
You'd like to find the game soundtrack?  That makes me so happy to hear.  Bad news, unfortunately at this time I don't have ownership of all the songs from the game.  Good news, I have included all the links to the creators in the credits.  

Howlies Arkanov66,
Yes, Dagio will definitely have a specific route.

Thank you kindly.  Luckily there's a lot more content coming, we update every month.
If you'd like to get the most up-to-date version, please consider joining Braford's patreon. 
Build version 44 is coming soon!